Countryside Holiday

Countryside holiday close to Jönköping

Lakes, forest, berries and relax

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Go on countryside Holiday! From Jönköping the countryside is virtually around the corner. There are several small municipalities and destinations worth a visit.

Aneby and the Aneby lake

The farm resort Målsånna offers lakeside camping and great outdoor activities. Spend some days on this countryside camping resort. They offer outdoor sports, fishing, rent a sauna, pick mushrooms and berries on in the farm.

In Aneby and sourroundings you can enjoy easy living and activities close to nature.

To learn more about Swedish history visit Åsens by.

Vätternbranterna and lake district Bunn

Spend several days in the Biopshere reserve Östra Vätternbranterna, drive, hike or bike around the lake Bunn.