Ödevata FiskeCamp Angelcamp

Ödevata FiskeCamp

Fishing Camp, motor home overnight parking, sauna and outdoors in Småland

Questions and Inquires

Email: info@odevata.se

Phone: +4647150430

Website: http://www.odevata.se

Motorhome parkingYes

Ödevata FiskeCamp offers a great outdoor and relax experience on the countryside of Småland.

Make a stop on your way to Öland or if you are headed to the Kingdom of Crystal. Motor home parking at the resort in different locations, all close to lake Ödevaten and in the middle of a beautiful scenery. Contact Malin at Ödevata FiskeCamp and she will give you a nice spot to park overnight.

Ödevata Fiskecamp is part of the Premium GoNatureTrip experience.

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