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We, here at GoNatureTrip, suggest you to start your motorhome trip in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The closest international airport is Landvetter. It is a great place to start if you are planning to travel south or northbound along the coastline, to the Lake Vänern or to Norway.

The Linne area is a lovely part of the city, and you will find the Botanical garden and the fantastic green lung and garden learning centre. Moreover, in the same area, you will find the park Slottskogen with great walking paths, restaurants, playgrounds and a small zoo.

Later, you can go swimming in the lakes of Mölndal and visit the Castle Gunnebo with a café and restaurant.

Spend some time discovering Gothenburg area with MTB adventures.  Consequently, for rentals, tours and guides, check out Hillside Cycling website and Facebook.

If you like trekking, you will have a blast in nature reserves and landscape parks.