Bake traditional flatbread over open fire, Brot backen vacaciones en Suecia cultura escandinava Familia Amigos viajar autocaravana naturaleza pan plano

Bake traditional flatbread over open fire

Outdoor baking in the Scandinavian mountains

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Bake traditional flatbread over open fire in the Scandinavian Mountains.

Learn how to bake flatbread with Margareta! The flatbread is very much part of the Scandinavian food culture.

Nyvallen is situated in a Nature Reserve and serves as the gate to Sonfjället Mountain. The old-growth forest and the wildlife represent Sonfjället National Park. If you are lucky you can spot traces of  brown bears as well as moose/elks  and lynxes.

At the summer farm there is a special breed of cow, the white and black spotted Scandinavian Mountain breed that, together with goats, walking around freely.