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Be a Swede, Hemestra Swedish Countryside!

Recharge batteries in the summer of 2020

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Description: The Swedish countryside invites you to spend your holidays in our beautiful nature

Be a Swede,  Hemestra Swedish Countryside.

Hemestra Swedish countryside on your 2020 holiday. Hemstra stands for “Hemma” which means home in Swedish  and Semester means holiday.  In short it the term is getting more and more  means spending holiday at home or close by.  It could also mean spending your holiday travelling in a country on your own terms, without the stress to tick off destination after destination. Find a destination that you fall in love with and spend your time there, as if it was your home.

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The South of Sweden, close by and on the least busy countryside roads

Find a the least busy countryside roads in the South of Sweden , discover your explorer’s spirit and find nature spots, nature reserves and open landscapes.  Park overnight at a farm, on a family camping, outside a restaurants or on a lake side spot. Find overnight parking in a friendly atmosphere with a wilderness touch.

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The Hemstra route takes you along coastlines, close to the lakes of Vänern and Vättern right and down through the inland and small fishing lakes of Småland.

Experience the best of local and countryside life, the simple life, the calmness and the natural playground offered by nature.  A real city break!

The true city break on a farm or countryside resort

The distance to the next farm och activity is short.  You can easily find a place where you can stay alone but at the same time there are activities around you, perhaps on the other side of the lake someone is fishing or enjoying a canoe ride or rowing along the reeds.

On the farms and farm resorts you can buy some seasonal vegetables, perhaps some pickles and dried peppars  and fresh eggs.  Just ask and your hosts will tell you what they can offer. If you are lucky you are in for a real foodie treat, clean food and great local produce.

With a rental Motor Home you can easily follow the “Go nature trip” route.

Outdoor activities on the Swedish countryside

Find places offering fishing waters; boat rentals and small-secluded outdoor bathing spots. Go on hiking expeditions or make cycling excursions in the vicinity and on local cycle trails.

Try out activities such as outdoor cooking over an open fire.

Swedish traditions

In the summer you can enjoy Swedish traditions. The midsummer celebration in June and crayfish parties in August and September.

Enjoy the Swedish Allemansrätt and spend your days in nature.

For countryside experiences and products please check our new site Go Nature Market ( in Swedish)