bike holiday

Bike holiday

Reach your bike destination fast and safe. Rent a motor home in Jönköping or Göteborg.

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Bike holiday in Sweden

If you are planning a bike holiday in Sweden there are several way to go about it.

Bringing your own bike

Travel on public transport in Sweden with your bike

The combination cycling and public transport can be tricky in Sweden as the Swedish train system is run by different operators. The national rail operator SJ currently does not allow bicycles unless they are dismantled and packed into travel bags. However, other private operators allow a restricted number of bicycles per train. Sometimes you have to pay  a small fee. Each region has their own regional trains. For information on train operators allowing bikes click on the link.

When it comes to buses it all depends on the operator and if there is space in the storage compartment of the bus. This link provide some information on traveling on a bus in Sweden with a bike but it is in Swedish.

Rent a motorhome

Nevertheless, if you want to reach your cycling destination fast and safe,  Rent a motorhome in South Sweden or  you are planning to travel northbound or on the Baltic coast you can rent a motorhome in Stockholm. Avoid the hustle to travel with public transport in Sweden with the bike. The motorhomes are equipped with bicycle racks for up to 4 bikes. Furthermore, some destinations have large outdoor  spaces where you can store bikes. Park close to your activity without having to go to a campground.

Rent a bike in Sweden

If you want to rent a bike in Gothenburg  contact Cykel Kungen (Gothenburg).

Also, find information on rental companies in Jönköping or Stockholm.

If you are off to Halland and Kattegattleden there are several companies offering guiding and bike rentals. 

Bike routes and trails

Once you have reached any of the GoNatureTrip destinations, enjoy the stunning nature and unique landscapes by bike. More information on bike trails and stops.

In and around Jönköping you have some amazing cycling trails and routes to choose from.  Hill cycling, road cycling, MTB and gravel cycling through vast woodlands, pick your cycling adventure.

If you want to explore Swedish industrial and countryside heritage you can cycle around in the Kingdom of Cristal in Småland. You will discover Swedish culture as well as enjoy forests, nature reserves and countryside.

MTB holiday

In many of the Swedish nature reserves close to Swedish towns and cities there are MTB trails.  Swedes themselves love to spend week-ends on their bikes in the forests.

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