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Boule on the West Coast and Bohuslän

Boule and Sightseeing the Swedish West Coast

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Description: Boule and Sightseeing the Swedish West Coast

Boule Swedish West Coast with start in the Gothenburg Metropolitan area

The Gothenburg Metropolitan area is your perfect gateway to Sweden and your Swedish boule adventures

A favourite place close to the rental station of  Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental is the Safjälet nature reserve in Mölndal, At the local football club Dalen KFF you can find a newly built municipal boule pitch.  

Stay a day in Mölndal and go nature sightseeing ;

  1. If you want to go swimming there are several  lakes of Mölndal.
  2. Visit  the Castle Gunnebo . Enjoy a day at the castles garden and visit the café. 
  3.  Take a local bus to closest beach, the  Stensjöns badplatser.

Boule Swedish West Coast and the region of Bohuslän

  • On the Swedish West Coast you will find quaint fishing villages, a stunning archipelago and the lovely countryside.
  • For motorhome tourists you can definitely find beautiful campsites either close to the Gothenburg  city centre. There are also plenty of campsites along the coastline in the small and friendly coastal destinations.
  • To play boule on the Swedish West Coast there are several islands and marinas and cosy guest harbours with boule courts. coastal destination

Sites and  Sightseeing on the Swedish west coast and family friendly activities.

  1.  In the municipality of Kungälv there are several boule courts. As a visitor, you can learn about the history of southern Bohuslän. There are remains from settlements as far back as the Bronze Age.  One of the most prominent features of the town is the Bohus Fortress, with a history going back as far as the 14th century.
  2. Hälsö is an island  situated in the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. Apart from boule you can also enjoy good food or a  coffee break in the harbour.
  3. Rörö is the northernmost island of  the Gothenburg archipelago with  a beautiful nature reserve, sandy beaches and an excellent harbour with a great marina with cafés and restaurants.
  4. The beautiful rocky island of Bohus-Malmön has boule, fantastic swimming and sandy lagoons.
  5. In Väjern a small fishing community in Bohuslän you can find a small marina.Start motorhome trip Gothenburg vacaciones en Suecia cultura escandinava Familia Amigos viajar autocaravana Viaje en autocaravana

Another nice region to play boule in Sweden is the region of Dalarna, rich in culture and nature spots.