Camping by Lake Vättern

Campsite by Lake Vättern

Campsite at Lake Vättern

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Motorhome parkingYes

Close to Jönköping you find Habo Camping, a camping by Lake Vättern.

Special offer 2018

When you rent a motorhome from Daylight Husbilscenter or Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental and spend a night at our campsite  we offer a cheese plate to a value of 95 SEK.  Spend some time at Habo Camping, discover the Lake Vättern, the city of Jönköping, the nature reserve Hökensås.  Check out our website for things to do. We recommend the Elk safari

Go to our GoNatureTrip partner Lustfyllt for a nice lunch, yoga or Swedish Fika.  Lustfyllt offer you a special treat on your GoNatureTrip roundtrip.