Campsites Stockholm archipelago

Campsite Stockholm archipelago and centre

Enjoy camping in Stockholm area

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Campsites Stockholm archipelago and centre of Stockholm


Park on a Campsites in Roslagen and explore the Stockholm archipelago.

The region of Roslagen you can find several campings close to nature and the water.

In Roslagen you can find lakes, forests and outdoor water adventures.

Vaxholm a nice coastal town.

In Vaxholm there are several busses and ferries taking you to Stockholm. There are two  campings in the coastal town of Vaxholm( In Swedish) for English.  For information on the other campsite in Vaxholm click on the link.

On the island of Ljusterö in the archipelago(in Swedish).

Camping Closer to Stockholm and in the city

Stay in Flatens nature reserve, by the lake Flaten, at CityCampStockholm and Ställplats Stockholm.  There is good public transport to city centre.

In the centre of Stockholm there are two camp sites  Långholmens Husbilscamping or Tantolundens husbilscamping

For more information on Camping in Stockholm and Motorhome Rental .

Going North – travel tips

Stockholm is a good starting point if you are planning to travel up north in a motorhome. You can spend a day or two in the Greater Stockholm area until you hit the Baltic coast. Some tips are: