Cycle bike motorhome holiday Sweden

Rent a bike Stockholm

Bring your bike or rent a bike

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, Tourism & Motorhome Rental Skanditrip


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Cycle on motorhome holiday Sweden!  Skanditrip Premium Motorhome rental in Stockholm offer their clients bikes to rent to a very accessible price. Rent a bike and enjoy cycling on your motorhome holiday .

Each motorhome has bike racks for 2-4 people depending on the category of motorhome you rent.

If  you come with your own expensive bike you can store it inside the motorhome with the Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental category Family Luxury.

Bikes for rent are : currently



For other kind of bikes such as road bikes and MTB-bikes your best option is to rent them at a bike or MTB destination.

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