cycling around Jönköping

Cycling around Jönköping

Cycling holiday Jönköping

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Cycling around Jönköping – try it out! Stunning views and good services. You can rent a bike and explore the area around the southern shores of Vättern.

Tips for cycling around Jönköping

Rent a motorhome from Daylight Husbilscenter. Their rental station is placed in the centre of Jönköping.  Rent a bike and find a cycling guide from Cycling in Jönköping.

Places to park and stay

Go to Habo Camping a great base for daily bike trips on the western side of the Lake Vättern.   On one of the cycling trips make a lunch stop at Lustfyllt, a café and restaurant with stunning views o the Lake Vättern.

Stay an extra day or two and visit the Biosphere area “Östra Vätternbranterna” and the lake district Bunn.  Park overnight and try a Swedish Fika on the farm, Hemma på Hult. You can also rent a bike on the farm.