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Swedish forest and Allemansrätten

Wherever you go in Sweden you will find forests. Thanks to the unique Swedish institution of  “Allemansrätten” you can treek, bike and pick berries in the woodlands. The Right of Public Access regulates what you can and can’t do. Nevertheless, if you want to park your motorhome overnight in the nature and in the woods please take into consideration the rules for driving off roads and in nature or if you are planning to bike or ride in the woodlands,  you should ask permission from the land owner. In GoNatureTrip you will find farms and land owners.

Enjoy the beautiful Swedish forest with caution. The dry summers have made the land dry and there is fire restrictions in many parts of Sweden. Before making a fire please check if there are any fire bans in the area.

The biggest forest owner in Sweden, Sveaskog, have Ekoparks for visitors. Please click on link For a selection of forest destinations.

Secrets and treasures

For an unforgettable memory and experience, we recommend you to discover the treasures and secrets of the Swedish forests.

Pick mushrooms and berries with a guide and then prepare your dinner with what you’ve harvested at Ödevata´s outdoor kitchen. If you are interested in Herbal medicine or learn more how to prepare what you have picked ask Malin at Ödevata. She is working with aficionados that can guide you through the forests and the nature´s food pantry.

Make your own balsam with Anna-Linda Gabriel, a glass artist from Boda in Småland.

Close to Jönköping, try mindfulness in the forest at Målsånna Farm, pick the ingredients for a facial mask, enjoy a soothing facial treatment or a raindrop massage in the forest.