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Green transition initiatives Swedish countryside

Learn more about green transition in and around Emmaboda

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Author: mike Li, member of the GoNatureTrip network and living in Stockholm


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Description: Green transition Swedish Countryside

Are you looking for countryside and small scale green transition initiatives Sweden? Perhaps you are in Sweden for a job, a meeting, conference and you want to leave the hotel complex and meet the real green transition aficionados. To meet up with people that are passionate about what they do is inspiring for real.

With this text I want showcase some efforts made in the small town of Emmaboda as well as in the Kingdom of Crystal ( Glasriket). Meet some of the countryside entrepreneurs that are resourcefully walking the talk. I want to introduce to Malin and Magnus, Iwona and Chatrine, Emmaboda locals, who show the way and inspire others ( including me).

In addition, good train connection with the whole Southern Sweden makes it possible to visit several other south Sweden regions.

I am part of a small network called GoNatureTrip. We started out as a digital collaboration between small businesses working in tourism. Today we have moved into supporting  and promoting each other in the work towards green transition in tourism and travelling.

We invite you to travel with us.

The good traveller exploring green transition initiative Sweden

We believe that you are keen to learn about Sweden. Perhaps you are here for the first time or you might visit us on a regular basis. Some of you might live in Sweden on a shorter or longer contract.

Travelling is all about learning and experiencing as well to increase wellbeing. In addition, When we leave or everyday hustle and bustle, we have the opportunity to find balance between parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system.

Equally important is to travel in harmony with the world around us and with nature.

In short, we need to find ways to reduce stress and relax but at the same time us our time to be active,  to learn and to care. We invite you to have the best of all worlds.

Follow us on a visit to Emmaboda in the Kingdom of Crystal ( Glasriket) a region in transition.

Swedish forests


The GoNature Trip  initiatives towards Green transition Swedish countryside

  • Go Nature Market where we showcase green transition visits and learning programmes , nature products that promote well-being and guided sustainable nature activities
  • Biokol Valborg  or Biochar Walpurigs where we invite others to celebrate the old by upcycle a cherished Swedish tradition. The Green transition starting in our backyards and neighborhoods.
  • Support the Green transition Hub in Emmaboda, Småland. They show the way and embrace upcyling without borders. Visit Emmaboda to learn more

In the spring of 2023, Sweden will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and one of the main points on the agenda is Green and energy transition. Much focus will be on the green industries in the north of Sweden but we want to showcase the initiatives in a small location in the south of Sweden.

Sweden in springtime bonfires

The small great steps green businesses

We invite the world to find out more about the small great steps that are taken by some of the resorts we work with in the field of