Hiking and nature safari in Sunnaryd

Hiking and nature safari in Sunnaryd

Pelles i Sunnaryd - farm environment with exciting nature experiences

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Phone: +4637171113

Website: http://www.pelles-skogstransport.se/

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Hiking and nature safari in Sunnaryd,  a great outdoor experience offered at the farm “Pelles in Sunnaryd”.  Shop at the farm shop, stay at the bed & breakfast or park overnight with your motor home. You are in an active farm environment.

Together with Lisa you will go out, collect, and examine the findings of insects in nets and magnifying glasses . They are released  back into the nature.

Hike around our beautiful village, accompanied by the farm´s dogs. Treek in the forest with Lisa and learn  about the  big storm, the nature and local cultural history. If you are lucky you might spot a moose, fallow deer or a wild boar . The farm´s Shetland pony might  do the honor of carrying the picnic basket. The hikes are  between  4-15km.

“It was a great experience to be with the family on Pelle’s in Sunnaryd. We visited all the animals, especially alpacas impressed. Our son got to ride in a big forest machine! Ida Greetings from Denmark”