Holiday in Nature

Holiday in Nature

Travel around and visit Biosphere Reserves or National Parks. Rent a motor home in Jönköping or Göteborg.

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Holiday in Nature

Visit Archipelagos, Biosphere Reserves, nature reserves, rivers or National Parks.


There are  four Biosphere Reserves you could visit: The Rich Wetlands of Kristianstad (Kristianstads vattenrike) and Blekinge Archipelago in the South of Sweden. Further North, you will find Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle as well as the Nedre Dalälven – River landscape.

Moreover, in the South of Sweden you have several provinces you can explore, such as Västra Götaland,  Halland,  Småland,  Skåne and Blekinge. 

Värmland has plenty to offer for your nature trip, the big Lake Vänern, the River Klarälven and the nature reserve Glasskogen.

Additionally, the province of Jämtland hosts many outdoor destinations. In the region, you will find the  great Lake Storsjön. The outdoor resort Åre is great for skiing in the winter. In the summer you can do MTB and hiking .

Explore the Swedish coastline and the archipelagos. Check out three different ones in the South of Sweden;  Stockholm Archipelago, Blekinge Archipelago and Gothenburg Archipelago.

National parks, biosphere reserves, Eko parks, and nature reserves

For more inspiration on national parks and nature reserves in southern Sweden, click on the links. In addition, just minutes from Jönköping you enter the UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve area,  ”East Vättern Scarp Landscape” (Östra Vätterbranterna).

Close to Jönköping you will find the nature reserve Hökensås and the national park Tidveden, beautiful places for outdoor adventures, fishing and other outdoor adventures.

Sveaskog, Sweden´s largest forest owner welcomes visitors to their Eco or Eko parks. Please find a selection of their finest forest areas that you can visit.

Bike stops

For inspiration on biking in unique landscapes check out the bike-stops.

Climbing stops

Bohuslän close to Gothenburg is great for rock climbing and coast-steering. Trad and crack climbing, travel around and look for different crags.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a family adventure there are companies offering outdoor climbing adventures and routes. You can also try boulder climbing.

Travel in a motorhome

Rent a motor home in Jönköping for your northbound trip or if you are going to travel in the south or along the west coast in Sweden, Gothenburg is a good starting point.

The motorhomes are equipped with bicycle racks for up to 4 bikes and there are large outdoor spaces perfect for an active holiday.

You can park close to your activity without having to go to a campground. The motorhome is fully equipped with kitchen, shower, water boiler. They run on battery and LPG as well as WC.

More on overnight parking in the nature, please check the GoNatureTrip companies.  Also, it is important to study the “Right of Public Access” act allowing you to park in the nature under certain conditions.