Målerås Village family fun

Målerås Village family fun

A great family destination in the historic Kingdom of Crystal

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Experience Målerås Village family fun and  glassblowing history. You can blow your own crystal bowl in the historic Kingdom of Crystal in the village of Målerås.

Also, learn more about and experience the history of children and families working in the glass production.

You can enjoy fun activities for children and families: Rent bikes or go trekking in search for trolls and other creatures of the forests.

Find out more about glassblowing,  a premium experience and a great treat during you trip in Southern Sweden.

There are also pitches/parking overnight for motorhomes in the village at the Målerås Hostel B & B. Remember to call Frank Fender, Telephone +46 (0)481-311 75 on arrival. Address ; Lindvägen 5, 380 42 Målerås

For more photos from the village click on link 

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