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Play Boule in unique nature spots in Dalarna Sweden

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Description: Find places to play boule on your Sweden trip

Play Boule in Sweden-  the Go Nature and Culture route in Dalarna 

  1. Many boule clubs in Dalarna start their outdoor season in the spring or early summer month. The locals are eager to catch all the hours of light and Swedish sun possible. 
  2. The boule clubs in Dalarna, as in the whole of Sweden, are often small and VERY local. It is a perfect opportunity for you to contact a local club.  Ask them if it is possible to join in or set up a date to play with a local. 
  3.  Just bring your boules and go for it. 
  4.  The different boule games are fun to play and an excellent way to get together despite of ages and physical ability.  
  5. The locals are sure to tell you some stories about their village and if you are lucky they will share information on the best fishing waters.
  6. Train agility and balance, ball sense and mental strength. It is suited for everyone!
  7. You will for sure return from your holiday with good memories and a boost to your wellbeing and health. 

 Boule is a French word and is a collective name for a wide range of ball games, including petanque and bocce. Nevertheless, the two games are quite similar with some differences such as the playing technique and the playing fields. 

Boules, bocce and petanque for more information on the boule sports.

difference between boules bocce petanque explained

Dalarna , a region with a rich local tradition of getting together

Check out  Boda, a small close knit community in Rättvik Dalarna with a local boule club  Boda Boule Fighters 

 Sightseeing in Dalarna and family friendly activities 

  • Dalarna is also an important and fantastic outdoor destination. 
  • If you enjoy to learn more about the history of a place follow the copper trail, a 400 km long historic route running Dalarna and Norway.  A perfect place to start the route is close to the village of Furudal
  • Perhaps you prefer small-town life and prefer to explore the picturesque villages in and around  the Ore lake, shopping, hiking and plenty of traditions.
  • While in Furudal, make a family hike excursion to the beautiful and historic summer grazing farm, Ärteråsen. The summer grazing farm consists of around 30 old wooden houses. Hike to the top of the Ärterås Mountain, climb up the tower and enjoy the spectacular view.
  • For lovers of geology do not miss Siljansringen. Explore the traces of the Meteorite which hit the Siljan Dalarna region 377 million years ago.The circle around Lake Siljan (Siljansringen) is a hike through the history of beautiful landscapes with high geological values.
  • Experience for a day the life of Swedish Vikings.  There are several replicaas of Viking villages  you can try out.  A family friendly activity. 

If you are interested to play boule, outdoors and sightseeing in the Gothenburg Metropolitan Area or on the Swedish West Coast we have some recommendations on what to do.

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