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Three rivers meet

Two rivers becoming one- Dalävlen

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Three rivers meet in Dalarna, and long the way you will find great outdoor and fjärdar. It is a trip that will take you from the Norwegian border in west to the Baltic sea in east.

The river Västerdalälven ( the western Dalälven) starts in the western part of the region of Dalarna, crossing the border to Norway. The river Österdalälven (the eastern Dalälven) starts in the northern part of Dalarna. The two rivers meet up in the so called meeting of rivers ( Älvmötet) in the town Djurås. Here you can watch the rivers meet and join forces as it becomes river Dalälven, the third longest river in Sweden, 542 km.

Get to know resorts, towns and fjard areas along the course of three rivers.

Start at Idre – an outdoor adventure resort with great sports, nature and life quality experiences.

Stop at the historical towns of Mora and Leksand and spend some days around the lake Siljan and Sijansringen, a great place with great potentials if you are interested in  geoturism.

Go further east and discover various fjärdar (see below the definition of a fjard/ fjärd):

At the Tyttbo rapids you have great fishing.  The Tyttboforsen river empties out into Färnebofjärden National park situated on the bio frontier to Norrland, where the fauna och the Swedish south meet the fauna of the Swedish north. Within the border of the National park you have four Swedish counties Dalarna, Västmanland, Uppsala och Gävleborg.

For camping check out Schwedenpause 

Also visit Hedesunda camping, a perfect resorts to visit the unique landscapes around the Hedesundafjärdarna

Go on a canoe excursion along the  trail at the Marmafjärden .

“A fjard ( inSwedish fjärd) is an inlet formed by the marine submergence of formerly glaciated valleys and depressions within a rocky glaciated terrain of low relief. Fjards are characterized by a profile that is shorter, shallower, and broader than the profile of a fjord”.