Swedish delicacies

Swedish Delicacies, home dishes and local produce

Swedish delicacies, outdoor cooking and local produce

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Description: Swedish delicacies, outdoor cooking and local produce

Staycation is a growing trend in Sweden and so is the search for Swedish Delicacies. For instance, Swedes are starting to explore the countryside’s food. Join them  and discover extraordinary heritage and at the same time – food experiences.

With staycation the Swedes are looking to combine clean eating with exploring local food culture. Learning is increasingly important for travellers today.  Take the opportunity to  learn more about agricultural innovation!

Swedish food Heritage, local traditions meet innovation

The “gastrobotanic” kitchen is a culinary concept where undervalued and sometimes forgotten crops, vegetable and produce from the nature’s kitchen are rediscovered and used . In a Swedish context the Go Nature Trip Bon food cooking entrepreneurs  are looking for creative ways to use season food combined with outdoor (or indoor) cooking novelties.

Go Nature Market and Swedish Delicacies 

Food is such a great way to discover a country and its local cultures, to learn how a place tastes.  The Swedish cities are known for great dining but less is known about the emerging food basket and gourmet eating offered on the Swedish Countryside. The closest way between crops and the table is in the countryside.  

Go Nature market is an adventure into the future of sustainable tourism. Book and buy from the local countryside entrepreneurs. This is the best way to help them  to further develop their products.

Enviromental friendly outdoor cooking

Sign up to one of Ödevata´s sustainability learning tours, learn more about aquaponic systems and biochar production, and finish off with a outdoor cooking class on a biochar grill.

Swedish Delicacies and home dishes you should try to eat or make

Try Swedish delicacies  and the farm´s homemade dishes at the farmstead Hemma på Hult.  Experience a unique culinary experience  and above all, discover a unique Swedish landscape and cultural setting.  Learn more about traditional culinary food production. 

You can buy smoked fish harvested from the  Ödevata Fiskecamp aquaponic greenhouse.

Book Swedish Pastry classes, learn how to bake the iconic cinnamon bun. For those who’s not able to come to Sweden now it is going to be able to participant online.  

Learn how to bake a traditional flatbread over open fire in the Swedish north mountain range.

Season food and local produce you should try

Find out more about the Swedish Crayfish traditions and history.  For instance, in some of the Go Nature Trip places they can help you to a crayfish feast, an often unique happening. Swedes tend to be quite private about the best crayfish waters.

Try the Swedish Blue mussels on a kayak adventure the Swedish West Coast ( Bohuslän).

Swedish dairy products and ice cream

Try Swedish local cheeses such as the Småland produced Hemost.

There are many local ice cream producers as your travel around in Sweden. Homemade Swedish ice cream and a great variety of tastes.

At the farm Hemma på Hult they produce their own “stekost” which is a cheese that you can fry and is a Swedish halloumi equivalent.

Visit a local diary and buy their Swedish dairy  products.

Swedish non-alcoholic beverages

The Swedish beverage eldflower cordial is a must try when you travel around.