Take boat trip Gothenburg archipelago

Take boat trip the Gothenburg archipelago

Visit the Gothenburg archipelago

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Take boat trip Gothenburg archipelago. The boats go from the city centre, Stenpiren, to the southern Islands.

While waiting to start your motorhome Sweden, treat your family to a boat trip. It a great way to start your family holiday in Sweden.

You can pay the bus and the boat by buying a bus card or download an app.  A good option is to buy a Day ticket as  you can pay for the boat trip in the same way.

The staff at the motorhome station will help you.

Maybe you want to visit one or two of the destinations islands  Vrångö, Donsö, Styrsö, Brännö or Hönö.

If you go to Brännö visit the pier.  A well-known Swedish festivity song features the dances that took place on pier.

Take boat trip the Gothenburg archipelago

Styrsöbolaget operate the boats between June 19th and Augusti 20th. Nevertheless the prices are the same as any public transport. For the Boat trip to the Gothenburg archipelago, check out prices and timetable at Västtrafik.

The archipelago of Gothenburg and the coastline of Bohuslän is full of pitoresque villages and things to do. You can go swimming most Swedish coastal or island towns have designated ” badplats” ( place to swim).

Similarly you might be interested other destinations close to Gothenburg. In that case, please see Costal Destination Gothenburg.  Bohuslän offers several good trekking opportunities close to the coast line.