The farm shop and café at Ebbarps Norrgård

The farm shop and café at Ebbarps Norrgård

Shop for your grill evening and enjoy a Swedish Fika

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Phone: +46703180071


Motorhome parking No

The farm shop and Café at Ebbarps Norrgård, a great place to find locally produced foodstuff and delicacies. You can buy meet from the farm´s own beef cattle; varios cuts of beef, hamburgers and sausages. You can also buy eggs and locally produced cheese cakes, jams, honey and deli products.

In the farm café you can enjoy a typical Swedish fika, a cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee.  You can sit on the terraces and watch the farm life and the cows grazing in the meadows.

A perfect stop to purchase all what is needed for a great grill evening.

You are 15 minutes from Jönköping.  You can park overnight at the local lake and beach called Uddebo badplats.

The cattle are fed on natural grazing.