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The northbound trip

Discovering the north for real

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Trip to the North

Take the Northbound trip to Sweden’s geographical centre and the north.

After having spent some days in the south of Sweden, you can consequently head north. Fill the kilometers with great outdoor adventures and meet local people who will take you along to their favorite spots, fishing waters, hikes and cultural events. Travel through regions and counties such as Dalsland, Dalarna, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Västmanland, Medelpad and many more.

Travel north and spend some time going towards Nedre Dalälven – River landscape. A bit further north you will reach the vast region of Norrland (“Västernorrland”) and the fantastic High Coast (“Höga Kusten”). Spend some time in Dalarna and in Härjedalen, these are great places for outdoor activities.