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The northbound trip

Discovering the north for real

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Trip to the North

Take the Northbound trip to Sweden’s geographical centre and the north.

You have spent some days in the south of Sweden, you want to head north. Fill the kilometers with great outdoor adventures and meet local people who will take you along to their favorite spots, fishing waters, hikes and cultural events. Travel through regions and counties such as Dalsland, Dalarna, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Västmanland, Medelpad and many more.


If you want to go north and you are heading towards the centre of Sweden, where you are planning to visit the countryside and small villages and local people.

The Baltic Sea coastline

Continue north to Ånge Bräcke and Sundsvall. Travel along the E14, to take the so called Ljungandalsvägen.

On the way back south, you can travel on Kustvägen– The road taking you to Hudiksvall. If you travel with children stop at Trolskaskogen (the magic forest).

From  border to border

Follow the Dalälven rivers  from the the border of Norway to The Baltic sea. It will take you to the a meeting point of the rivers Dalälven in Dalarna and the Biosphere reserve  Nedre Dalälven – River landscape

Center of Sweden

If you want to go more to the centre of Sweden- Go to Bergslagen a lot of great outdoors. Continue bit further to the west and make a stop in the beautiful region of Värmland. Värmland has plenty to offer for your nature trip, the big Lake Vänern, the River Klarälven and the nature reserve Glasskogen. Further to the north make a visit to Dalarna.  Make your first stop  the Village of Furudal in the municipality of Rättvik. Great outdoors and culture. Hike to a summer Grazing farm in Dalarna – Ärteråsen, a piece of Swedish farm history.

Spend some time to explore the whole  Lake Siljan region . The circle around Lake Siljan (Siljansringen) is a hike through the history of beautiful landscapes with a high geological value. The 2,5 km-diameter meteorite hit earth at 100,000 km/h speed and formed a huge crater in the ground. The nature reserve Styggforsen is a destination within the “Siljansringen”. The beautiful nature makes it perfect for trekking.

From Dalarna you can go northwards towards the Norwegian border to Idre. A unique experience is the resorts Renbiten. A unique opportunity to get to know the Sami culture.

You are also close to the county of Härjedalen and the county of Medelpad, with stunning nature and animal life.


Sonfjället National Park: The great mountain Sonfjället is a beautiful place in the centre of the province Härjedalen. The National Park is an almost unspoiled retreat for bear, lynx and moose. It is also an area of ​​rare and well-preserved geological shapes, eroded by water from the melting ices during the ice age. Visit and park at Fäbodvallen Nyvallen. 

10 miles south of Sonfjället in the small town of Lillhärdal there are great opportunities for fishing in mountain streams. Especially beautiful is to paddle the canoe a summer night in Härjeån. In the night sun you can see the beavers, who are night-active animals, swim around in the beaver delta “Sexan”. At the end of July and early August you can pick hjorton, lingon and blueberries. Park at Lillhärdals camping.

Scenic Routes

Ljungandalsvägen. ( in Swedish but pdf in English and German)

Tidernas väg 





Northen Light Route 

Gold of Lapland