Travelling northbound

Travelling northbound

Go north, head towards the centre of Sweden, visit the countryside, small villages and unique landscapes

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Travelling northbound

Travelling northbound is quite a journey and it is important to fill the kilometers with something for the whole family.

Explore the Green Coast on your way up and of course stay a day or two in the capital of Sweden. Book well in advance and get a camping spot in the very centre of Stockholm at Långholmens Husbilscamping or Tantolundens husbilscamping.

From Stockholm, you continue towards Nedre Dalälven, about 150 km via the E4. Nedre Dalälven – River landscape.

If you want to go north and you are heading towards the centre of Sweden, where you are planning to visit the countryside and small villages and local people, then your first stop is the Village of Furudal. Great outdoors and culture. Continue north to Ånge to meet up with locals in the area around Ånge, Bräcke and Sundsvall. Travel along the E14, to take the so called Ljungandalsvägen.

On the way back south, you can travel on Kustvägen– The road taking you to Hudiksvall. If you travel with children stop at Trolskaskogen (the magic forest).

The one-way trip north is approximately 1050 km from Jönköping. On your way back, you can stop by Dalarna.

See map for the trip.

More information about the Scenic Routes on your northbound trip:

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