West Coast trip

West Coast and Dalarna

Go West Coast and Dalarna if you are looking for great outdoor and culture experiences

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Take the West Coast Trip and visit Dalarna

The West Coast trip and continuing to Dalarna is a great outdoor adventure for your motorhome trip, and at the same time you will explore the culture and traditions. Therefore, visit small costal and rural towns and villages with great outdoor potential.

Especially go up the Bohuslän on the West Coast and spend some days in the picturesque coastal town of Lysekil. In fact, in Bohuslän you can find many kayak and climbing adventures. Thereafter, continue to Strömstad and spend some time to visit Sweden’s first Marine National Park in the archipelago of Kosterhavet. Also, visit the islands Kosteröarna whilst you are there.

Leave the coast-line and go towards the great lake Vänern. Park overnight at Kullens Bed and Breakfast -a farm about 8 km southwest of Lidköping, along the road 44 – a small campsite for motor homes and a rich farm life.

Head towards the region of Värmland and see a famous Swedish river, Klarälven, then the vast Lake Vättern and make a stop to bike in the nature reserve Glaskogen.

Afterwards, travel towards the region of Dalarna. Dalarna is an important outdoor and biking destination. Try the coppar trail (Kopparleden), from Dalarna to Røros in Norway. Then, in Norway explore the famous tourist routes along the fjords.

As you travel south again, head towards the western part of the lake Vättern. Make a trekking stop at Tiveden national park.