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14 inspirations what to do in Sweden in Summer

Don't be fooled, camping in Sweden is more like glamping.

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Author: Michael Li , content contributor to GoNatureTrip


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Description: Swedish summers are magic, short but unforgettable

Spending your Summer in Sweden

Don’t know what to do in Sweden in Summer? Then you have come to the right place! What if we tell you that you can enjoy tons of fun activities without having to travel far? We are talking about one of Sweden’s oldest traditions, camping! Don’t be fooled, camping in Sweden is very different from camping in other countries. Camping in Sweden have developed over the years and have come far from just tents in a field. It is more like glamping.

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Camping is very popular with long tradition in Sweden and is considered the best choice for an affordable all-in-one holiday. Families and couples could spend weeks at campsites without ever feeling bored! Here are just some activities you can do at a camp:

  • Traditional Swedish outdoor cooking
  • Picnic spots with lake view
  • Kayaking down a river or in a lake
  • Swimming in lakes
  • Hike on long hiking trails
  • Cycling trips
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Casual Fishing and Sport Fishing
  • Enjoy the beaches and the sun
  • Go on Wild Safaris
  • Spa and sauna in nature
  • Pick wild mushrooms, berries and such
  • Take a long boat ride and have a meal on the floating boat

And much more!


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We suggest to head to Småland. Småland is known for beautiful natural campsites next to beautiful lakes and offers many things to do and see. Most camping places in Småland are near a lake or forest. On a typical campsite, there are different types of accommodation, such as B&B rooms, cabins of different sizes, overnight tenting spots and long term motorhome parking spaces. And there’s nothing more fun and adventurous than crossing paths with majestic wild moose!

Don’t worry, most campsites in Småland is located near a town or city, so you can easily walk or bike into civilization.

Motorhome trip

Cycle bike motorhome holiday Sweden

If you are feeling more adventurous, then rent a motorhome and travel around Sweden! Motorhome gives you the freedom to travel to anywhere and stay there. It is a mini house, so you can pick a spot to relax and admire the view.

The best part is, you can also use fresh wild ingredients to cook in your motorhome! Some people join a guided crayfish or fishing group and cook their catch minutes after catching it. They also pick wild mushrooms and berries to add to their crayfish or fish dish! It is wonderful and you will create so many unforgettable memories.