Hiking old-growth forest Dalarna

Hiking in old-growth forest Sweden

Hiking in old-growth forest Dalarna is an amazing nature and cultural experience. you walk right into a unique forest with knowledgeable and friendly guides.
camping smaland green holiday

Camping Småland: A great choice for green holiday

Camping is very popular with long tradition in Sweden and is considered the best choice for an affordable green holiday. Green holiday is a part of sustainable tourism. It refers to tourists and local businesses exercise responsible travel practices that pay attention to environmental, social and economic sustainability. Going on a camping holiday emits significantly less CO2 than other forms of holiday.
Vättern biosphere reserve sweden natural place

Most Beautiful Natural Places in Sweden

There are many natural place in Sweden that is stunning. Such as Archipelagos, Biosphere Reserves, Nature Reserves, Rivers, Lakes and National Parks. We have listed some of the most beautiful natural places in Sweden that is simply breath taking and definitely worth to visit.
Green eco resort and village

Ödevata FiskeCamp

Farm resort stay. Great outdoor and relax at the the countryside of Småland. Motor home parking at the resort in different location.
Buy a Kon-Tiki kiln

Why you should buy a Kon-tiki kiln

We want to approach neighbourhood associations and local residential groups to go together and buy a Kon-tiki. For the lucky ones having welders living among them they could just go together to buy the material.