About Go Nature Trip

Who we are

Go Nature Trip (GoNatureTrip/GNT) is a network of small local businesses in Sweden that has been collecting and testing ideas for over 10 years. Together, we support each other to test new ideas and to develop interesting tips, products, outdoor experiences, activities and such. You can find our products at Go Nature Market.

The network is completely based on the fact that we want to work together. We are not a project team, rather the work we do here is mutually beneficial.

Our beginnings

We realized decades ago that you can’t find authentic unique articles about Sweden in English. There are much information about hidden gems in Sweden in Swedish.

As the businesses in the network start to receive more international guests, it was difficult to suggest what to see and things to do. There were no central place with local information in English, especially about Swedish nature and countryside.

Our mission

Our mission is to preserve the Swedish countryside, as well as, to promote natural and cultural values that are emerging in small-scale rural tourism.

In addition, we actively participate in the development towards sustainable tourism.

Our goal

Go Nature Trip, Go Nature Market and Sweden’s beautiful nature and countryside invites you to an active, pleasant and responsible holiday in Sweden.

Read more about featured unique experiences and travel tips for your trip in Sweden on Go Nature Trip. Book things to do your Swedish holiday at Go Nature Market.