Stay in the middle of nowhere

The camping is located in the middle of nowhere. The winding dirt road takes you true the woods down to one of the smallest campsites in Småland. You can stay with your camper close to nature on the seaside or in the former sheep pasture at the old croft.
målsånna camping

Målsånna farm resort

Outdoor attractions, mindfulness and spa treatment lakeside campsite with newly built washrooms and a sauna.

Stockholm travel guide

Stockholm is called Venice of Scandinavia and a beautiful city to visit. Get your to know Stockholm old town and find tips of places to visit and things to do at this Stockholm Travel Guide.
Green eco resort and village

Ödevata FiskeCamp

Great outdoor and relax experience on the countryside of Småland. Motor home parking at the resort in different location.

Pelles i Sunnaryd

Pelles i Sunnaryd - B&B, Farmshop and Motorhome camping in active farm enviroment with exiting nature experiences!