Motorhoming In Sweden and the Best Nature Routes

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Description: Stunning nature sites in Sweden, Biosphere areas

Natural and nature is what Sweden does best

The best aspect of renting and traveling in a motorhome is that you can go anywhere, away from busy cities. There are so many beautiful natural places here, so where to go whilst motorhoming in Sweden? You might want a place with visitors, but not overcrowded. Or you might prefer to be somewhere secluded. But we can all agree that it is not fun to go to a nature spot which is crowded and the queues there are long.

For the purpose of this article, I to start you trip in Luleå, if you take the northern route. Nevertheless,  Stockholm or Gothenburg is the better option for your trip to the biosphere reserves in the south and center of Sweden.

In Sweden you can get to tranquil archipelagos and stunning coastlines easily. The islands are often accessible by ferries, transporting both people and vehicles. There are also more and more services for motorhoming and places to park overnight. Municipalities, farms,  marinas and ports, and even golf courses offer pitches for overnight stays for campers.

Sweden is also a country of rivers, lakes and national parks. There is an increasing number of biosphere reserves and nature reserves as Swedes try to protect the land and landscapes with high ecological and historical values. I am especially interested in the biosphere areas as they also look at the social and economic development of an area with high value for environment and for the people living and working there.

Wherever you go it is easy to enjoy an active holiday with a lot of outdoors.

Motorhoming In Sweden And The Best Nature Routes

Let’s start with the Biosphere Reserves

Below I have listed the biosphere reserves that currently exist in Sweden. Here you can find opportunities for motorhome holidays, which allows you spend a day or days there to relax and enjoy the moment.

The concept biosphere reserves comes from UNESCO to help protect sites with special scientific, cultural and natural values and interest. Anything taken from these ecosystem should inflict the least amount of damage.

There are several Biosphere Reserves you could visit and park your motorhome overnight in Sweden.

1) The Wetlands of Kristianstad (Kristianstads vattenrike)

In the south of Sweden, in the county of Skåne, you will find the Wetlands of Kristianstad. The city of Kristianstad is a popular destination for holiday-makers from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The vast wetlands of the Kristiansand Vattenrike extend some 35 km along the River Helge.

In the nearby Åhus you can find overnight motorhome parking (Ställplats). One spot is the Åhus Gården with services such as Wi-Fi, electricity, fresh water, WC and showers. Another place is Åhus Missionsgård offering 28 motorhome pitches. You have access to a kitchen, WC, showers and laundry room. You can also empty grey water tank there.

 2) Biosphere Reserve at Lake Vättern

East Vättern Scarp Landscape Biosphere Reserve motorhome overnightClose to Jönköping is the area of the East Vättern Scarp Landscape Biosphere Reserve

In Huskvarna, you get a view of Vättern and you will find 12 lakeside motorhome pitches at Oset Facilities. There is access to electricity, water, gray water well and possibility of emptying the latrine. Public WC are on the Vättern beach, but the pitches cannot be pre-booked.

At Gränna harbor there is a campsite with 31 spots with electricity and services, including fresh water, drainage of greywater, latrine,  WC, showers, and a laundry room. It is also not possible to book ahead and you pay on arrival.

if you play golf,  you can stay overnight with your motorhome at Wiredaholm Golf & Konferens. There are in total 6 pitches, and you have to book them. You have access to Wifi, showers, and WC. You can pre-book breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restaurant.

3) The beautiful Blekinge archipelago

The biosphere reserve at Blekinge Archipelago includes both coastal areas with granite landscapes, islands, and islets. The views are breathtaking and natural. As well as, you can find rich cultural heritage there.

The locals are committed to develop further socially and economically by innovation and sustainable use of natural resources. There are now in total 47 nature reserves. Perfect for motorhoming around and for those who like outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, kayaking, or cycling. There are several camper sites and overnight parking on the coastline of Blekinge. Just look for the signs for Ställplats.

4) Biosphere reserve by the Great Lake Vänern and its archipelago

Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle Biosphere Reserve includes part of the Lake Vänern drainage basin, as well as islands and skerries. Also a part of the biosphere reserve is the plateau mountains, Mount Kinnekulle and Mount Lugnåsberget. The largest island on Lake Vänern is Torsö, which features an important wetland area. There are also two long rivers in the area, Tidan and Lidan, which flows into Lake Vänern.

At the island Torsö outside Mariestad, you will find motorhome parking at Laxhall restaurant and conference complex. No pre-booking.

To stay overnight with your motorhome, there is Kinnekulle at the Marina Hönsäter. At the Kinnekulle quarry, nicknamed the ‘little Grand Canyon’, you can find a small motorhome park. The quarry is a part of Natura 2000 area, therefore a protected area.

Taking the route to Northern Sweden

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1) Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka

In northern Sweden we have four rivers declared of national interest or National Rivers. These are among others, Torne älv, Kalixälven, Pite älv, and Vindelälven.

The Vindelälven is a river that flows through the region of Västerbotten. Here you can enjoy mountains, marshes and vast forest landscapes. The river flows from the Ammarnäsfjällen (the Norwegian border) and then for over 500 km into Umeälven on Sweden’s east coast. The Biosphere area Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka is Sweden’s largest biosphere area. You can visit nearby towns, and find places where you can park overnight.

Look out for the bigger towns to orientate yourself, Arjeplog, Sorsele, Lycksele, Vindeln, Vännäs och Umeå. For example, on road 95 (in municipality of Arjeplog), only 24 km from the Norwegian border, and 11 km north of the polar circle, you will find Sandvikens Fjällgård. A resort with 7 overnight motorhome pitches with electricity.

2) The river landscape of lower Dalälven

The river Västerdalälven (the western Dalälven) starts in the western part of Dalarna, crossing the border to Norway. However, the river Österdalälven (the eastern Dalälven) starts in the northern part of Dalarna. The two rivers meet up at the so called meeting of rivers (Älvmötet) in the town of Djurås. Here you can watch the rivers meet and join forces as it becomes river Dalälven, the third longest river in Sweden, which is 542 km long.

At the most eastern part of the river, you will find the Biosphere area called “Älvlandskapet Nedre Dalälven“. It is a river landscape crossing through several municipalities such as, Säter, Hedemora, Avesta, Sala, Heby, Tierp, and Älvkarleby, as well the localities of Österfärnebo and Hedesunda. The stretch from Säter to Älvkarleby is approximately 170 km long.

In Gysinge, in the municipality of Sandviken, you will find Gysinge Bruk. It is a well-preserved Walloon mill with a history as far back as the 17th century. A fantastic nature site close to Stockholm with fishing waters, hiking trails, and much more. At the mill, there are 6 overnight motorhome spots with electricity. 

Also in the vicinity of Gysinge you have the farm “Lars Pers in Fors”. It is an organic goat farm producing cheese and honey. On the farm there are all kinds of animals; chickens, peacocks, horses, dogs, cats, bees, and goats. They have place for 3 motorhomes with electricity for overnight. 

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3) The region of Voxnadalen

The Voxnadalen Biopshere Reserve is the landscape by the catchment of the River Voxnan. Here you will find boreal woodlands, open farmlands, as well as the host to 274 endangered specifies of flora and fauna. In this area you will also find the decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland. Since 2012 the farmhouses have been on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The biosphere reserve is situated in parts of the municipalities Ovanåker, Ljusdal, Bollnäs and Rättvik, and covers a total of around 342,000 hectares. This is almost one third of the territory of Hälsingland.

In Ljusdal you will find a Hembygdsgård. Hembygd in Swedish mean the place where you are born and rasied. A hembygdsgård would be an old homestead with old buildings on display. In Ljusdal, the heritage site, there are only two motorhome places with electricity and many other without. You have access to WC and water. Also on the site, there is a café, a shop selling local handicrafts, and a lunch restaurant.

Help us take care of nature – outdoor cooking and open fires

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Before your trip, it is important to study the “Right of Public Access” act allowing you to park in nature under certain conditions.

During dry summers, there might be fire restrictions in almost all provinces and municipalities in Sweden. For more information, please check responsible travelling recommendations.