Caravanning in Sweden and staying active

Caravanning in Sweden and staying active

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Description: Nature and sport Sweden is a lifestyle for Swedes. We love our outdoor

Most times when people go caravanning in Sweden, they just pick a spot close to nature and stay for a week or so to relax. However, what about the people that want to move around and do some activities to stay active? Nature and sports in Sweden goes hand in hand. Nature is everywhere and the Swedes love doing sports and the outdoors. If you don’t want to leave your caravan behind, you could always rent a motorhome instead.

The Swedish West Coast adventures

Gothenburg is the perfect gateway to the Swedish West Coast. You have camping and caravan/motorhome sites along the coastline. In addition, on the costal province of Bohuslän, you will find plenty of outdoor activities and sports. If you like climbing, MTB, cycling, or kayaking, the landscape offers the perfect conditions.

Rock Climbing West Coast Bohuslän      caravan motorhome bikes rack cycling

Another growing trend in Sweden for the last 5 years or so is the growing number of paddle tennis courts. Many locals would look for places to park their caravan close to a paddle tennis court during the summer. For a while there was a boom that has subdued, but as a result there are many courts in all kind of places. The same goes for boule courts, outdoor gyms, and skate board parks.

This is a bit of the Swedish story. A trend starts and then quietly withers. Left are the courts, ramps, and outdoor gyms. Nevertheless, this is good news for sport aficionados that like to stay active when they are caravanning in Sweden. For me, I mostly like the nature sites and nature reserves in the most varying landscape. Due to the geology of Sweden, you will for sure find rocks, eskers, ridges, valleys and plateau mountains. Great if you like a hike in a hilly landscape.

   paddle tennis court swedish sport   Nature and sport Sweden log lifting

Tanum, a municipality with the most active destinations

In the municipality of Tanum, you have several places that you can visit and do some workout, namely Fjällbacka, Grebbestad, Hamburgsund, Bullaren, Resö, and Havstenssund. There are also 30 nature reserves among others, such as Tjurpannan, Veddö, Väderöarna, and Kynnefjäll. In these places there are several hiking trails to choose from. The Bohus granite makes the landscape perfect for climbing. 

If you enjoy cold baths, the whole year around, Bohuslän is a perfect place to visit. There are jetties and spots to go swimming along the coast and at one of the many lakes. Cold baths are the most effective when you do it over a couple of days. So, if you have a mobile home, then you would have the most flexibility, as well as saving cost on hotel rooms.

Some examples of overnight parking that is perhaps a bit unusual

In Grebbestad you can park overnight next to the largest sport shop in the Nordic region. Here you can try and buy equipment for whichever sport you wish to try out. On their website, you can also book paddle tennis courts.

In Tanum, but inland, you will find Bullaren, a place on the road 165. It is an alternative route and a great stopover if you are on your way to Lake Vänern. Here you can find overnight caravan/motorhome spots at the local supermarket Östads Livs. It is a nice stop for a day or two. You are also close to the hiking trail Bohusleden.
park next to nature caravan hiking forest

Nature spots close to Stockholm, the capital

Many visitors to Sweden start their trip in Stockholm, the capital and has biggest airport, as well as direct trains from Northern Europe. If you are planning to continue your caravan trip northbound on the Baltic Sea east coast, there are many places to visit.
If you, however, decide to go southbound, you could drive along the coast line east of the city of Norrköping. There is a beautiful archipelago called “Saint Anna archipelago” with some 4,000 islands and plenty of stopovers. Another interesting feature is that there is a nature reserve with old primeval forests, which is not common in the south of Sweden. At the “Norra Finnö” you can find an overnight parking site at the Marina “Båtsholmen”. There you have to opportunity to go horseback riding.
In the same region, you can go hiking on the trail “Östgötaleden”. You can stay with your caravan or motorhome overnight by the Stegeborg mansion and country side hotel nearby. The pitches are in the Marina with view of the Stegeborgs Castle ruins. It is just amazing to have so many things in the same place; history, nature, sports, food, and campsites.

Going inland – Between the great lakes Mälaren, Vänern, and Vättern

I have never been to Mariedamm personally, a small town in Askersund municipality. Nevertheless, the area is popular among local caravan people. I want to write about this place as it seem to be a quite typical Swedish smaller town, with a history of an ironwork and railway station. Many of Sweden’s smaller towns and villages have an industrial history but nowadays they are quite travelers’ residential area.

In this particular town you can spend a night at one of the pitches at the local recreational center. You can play tennis and boule there. The pitches are close to the lake Skiren if you fancy a swim, and if you like hiking. then you can hike the trail Mariedammsleden. 

Lake Vättern

There are many lakes in Sweden as you might already know. To hang out and have a more relaxed time, I would recommend the smaller ones. However, if you want an easier time to park your caravan, then around the bigger lakes is better. Around lakes such as, Vänern, Vättern, and Siljan has plenty of space.

In Huskvarna, the nearby town to the city of Jönköping, there is a very nice motorhome camp site by the lake Vättern. The name is Oset. Also in Huskvarna, there is the nature reserve Huskvarnabergen, a visit there is a must if you like hiking and are in search for a stunning view of the lake. In Huskvarna, you can also rent a motorhome easily, if you want to explore the region.

Gränna is a small lakeside town nearby with many summer visitors. It is a quaint town, but in summer-time it gets busy. It has, however, a port if you want to go to the Island of Visingsö. In the marina there, you will find many spots for camping, caravans, and motorhomes. Here you can also play boules and paddle tennis.

Lake Vättern beach boys children kids playing holiday

Inland of Småland

The inland of Småland is a great chunk of the Swedish south. For outdoor lovers there are many great places and nature sites to visit. My favorite place is Ödevata countryside and lakeside resort. They have motorhome overnight parking just across from the lake, as well as canoe rentals and floating saunas.

Also in the inland of Småland, there is the small destination of Målilla, in the municipality of Hultsfred, where you can stay in the village park. It is run by the village historical association (Målilla-Gårdveda Hembygdsförening). In Hultsfred you can enjoy several sports such as, boule, paddle tennis, tennis, and volley ball.