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Campsites close to Gothenburg

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Campsites close to Gothenburg

The city of Göteborg was founded in 1621 by the king Gustaf II Adolf on the shores of the Göta Älv . The Gothenburg area was and has for a long time been the commercial hub for many southwestern Swedish communities. It is worth spending some days to discover the Greater Gothenburg Region.

 From the Gothenburg Metropolitan region, you are never far away from, cosy fishing villages, rocky island and the lush  countryside. There are also beautiful campsites close to the city or not far away from Gothenburg.

Spend a fun day in the city and find a campsite close to city and with public transport.

  1. Göteborgs Camping in Lilleby in Torsland is a beautiful campsite. It is some 15 minutes from the city centre and walking distance to large rocky beaches and a small sandy beach. The camping is also close to Sillvik with stunning bays and lovely beaches. Not far away is Sillviks nature reserve.
  2. Askim strand, is a campsites run by the Liseberg company (the Liseberg attraction park). The Askim Strand camping has ocean-view and is situated in an affluent district, about 10 km south-west of the city centre. It is  a predominantly upper-middle class area with local golf clubs, yacht clubs, and large houses.

The west coast and Bohuslän northbound or towards Norway

Campsites close to Gothenburg, Kungälv and Marstrand

Slightly north of Gothenburg, 20 minutes to city centre you find Kungälv’s Citycamping. It is a great place to start your holiday in Bohuslän. As a visitor, you can learn about the Bohuslän region´s local history and find remains from as far back as the Bronze Age. In the town of Ytterby, a royal estate from the Viking Age has been found. One of the most prominent features of the town is the Bohus Fortress, with a history going back as far as the 14th century.

A bit further north, approximately 30 minutes from Kungälv, you find the fashionable coastal town of Marstrand with authentic west coast restaurants, a luxury boat harbour, a historic fortress and great nature. There is a local camping, the Marstrand Familjecamping.

Campsites close to Gothenburg, Tjörn and Orust

Only 1 hour driving from our station in Mölndal you will reach the west coast island of Tjörn. On the west coast of the island, there is a campsite called  Hav & Logi Skärhamn. In the small locality Tolleby on the south part of the island Tjörn you can stay on a farm. They have two places for motorhome overnight parking. Reserve overnight stay together with one of the activities on offer! Enjoy farm life, the beautiful gardens and outdoor activities. To find out more, contact Moas Blomstergård (Moas Flowergarden).

Farther north you will promptly arrive at the Island of Orust and there is a camping called Stocken Camping. Located on the western side of the island, it is a nice family-friendly camping.

In the northern part of Bohuslän,160 km from Gothenburg and only 60 km from the Norwegian border, you will find Hamburgsund. It is a beautiful coastal village with restaurants, shops and older buildings. The architecture is testimony to the fishing, trading  and maritime past

Hamburgsund was historically a customs station. Today the local marina is quiet and family friendly, one part is located on the mainland and the other on the island Hamburgö. There is a cosy family campsite Rörviks camping  located 1.5 km south of the coastal community of Hamburgsund. You also have the option to go to the parking area designated for Motorhome overnight parking “Hamburgsund husbilsparkering “.They have 16 pitches with basic services.

Farther north, close to the border of Norway you find a nature campsite in the archipelago of Strömstad . If you are looking for something a bit more fancy with entertainment and an amusement try out the Daftö Family Camping resorts 

List of Bohuslän Camping

  1. , also in Kungälv. You could also check out the castle.
  2. , in Marstrand, a nice and fashionable coasts town.
  3. Hav and Logi Skärhamn,  a camping on the island of  Tjörn.
  4.  Farm campsite on Tjörn at  Moas Blomstergård (Moas Flowergarden).
  5. Stocken Camping, in Orust, an island off of the west coast.
  6. Tollenäs Camping ,, in Stenungsund (website in Swedish).
  7. A nature camping in the archipelago of Strömstad.
  8. Hamburgsund a beuatiful coastal location and port you can stay at a cosy family campsite Rörviks camping . You can also find overnight parking  at “Hamburgsund husbilsparkering “.
  9. A Family resorts with camping close to Strömstad.

Travelling to South of Sweden, Halland and Skåne

Heading towards the extensive beaches of Halland and Skåne, south of Gothenburg you have plenty of sites and camping to choose from. The closest is Åsa Camping.

Close to Halmstad, check out the wilderness paradise Simlångsdalen ( Simlång Valley). This is a great place with fishing lakes, hiking trails and untouched forests. There is an astonishing variety of nature reserves such as “Alenäs”,  “Bröda”, “Danish Falls”, “Gårdshult”, “Hyle” and “Hyttan”. Here you can find two nature camp sites, the Vinnalt Nature Camping and Kull´s Cottage & Nature Camping.

A bit further inland, approximately 40 minutes’ drive you promptly arrive at the beautiful lake Bolmen which is Sweden’s 10th largest. It is actually a district with several lakes, and it is a hot spot for lovers of excellent fishing as the lakes are rich with pike and walleye fish.

You can find several campsites, but a nice choice is Tiraholm Farm, owned by the Ekwall family. This beautiful farm is located in a private bay on the shore of the lake Bolmen. The family run a fish farming operation and in their farm shop you can buy fresh, smoked or pickled fish as well other homemade delicacies.

List of camping south of Gothenburg

  1. South of Gothenburg, close to the town of Kungsbacka,  Åsa Camping.
  2. The wilderness paradise Simlångsdalen ( Simlång Valley) has two nature campings; the Vinnalt Nature Camping and Kull´s Cottage & Nature Camping.
  3.  At the beautiful lake Bolmen  there are  several campsites, but a nice choice is Tiraholm Farm, owned by the Ekwall family.

Halland Beaches