Mountain Biking and MTB tours

Mountain Biking and MTB tours

Tips for MTB adventures

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Description: Enjoy Swedish forest trails accessible to MTB practicioners

Mountain Biking and MTB tours in Southern Sweden

The Swedish forests are great for Mountain Biking and MTB tours. Spend a sunny Sunday on the forest or nature reserve close to a city centre or a town.

MTB in Gotenburg and Mölndal

Spend some time discovering Gothenburg MTB areas before traveling on to other adventures.  You can access great trails in the nature reserve Änggården from the Linne area.

For rentals, tours and guides check out Hillside Cycling website and Facebook.

Mountain bike in Jönköping and Småland

In Jönköping check out the trails at IKHP.Other tracks close to Jönköping with a stunning view of the Lake Vättern are the Vista Mountain. Bike services  and overnight parking for motor homes is possible at the Farmstead Hult.

Also check out the Isaberg mountain for MTB (Småland).

Check out the Biking South East, a network of biking areas for trail biking /MTB/mountain bike in eastern Småland and the Swedish island of  Öland. There are MTB trails close to  nice destinations such as Vimmerby, Nybro, Västervik and Målerås.


For inspirational videos on Mountainbiking in Sweden (from Youtube and Vimeo): In Göteborg,  Mullsjö,  IKHP in Jönköping.

IKHP Huskvarna MTBMTB in North and central Sweden

In beautiful Hälsningland close to the Baltic sea you find the town of Järvsö with a Mountain Bike Park. Great downhill cycling trails.

In Northern counties of Jämtland and Härjedalen there are plenty of good MTB trails

Make it up to the county of Dalarna. You can enjoy great culture, Geo parks  and MTB trails.

Get around in Sweden, from one MTB destination to another.

If you are traveling around in Sweden with bikes it is not easy to understand the public transport system.  A great way to get around, from place to place, with bikes is to Rent a motorhome.  Rent a motorhome in Gothenburg and go south. If you are planning to go north  find your motorhome rental in Stockholm

For other tips on bike tours check out other tips on GoNatureTrip.

Perhaps you are visting one of the Swedish cities. Take a break from city life and enjoy cycling. You are never far away from nature or a MTB trail in Sweden.