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Author: Jules, a international student in Sweden


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Lustfyllt is about sustainable living in South Sweden. The place  is all about joy, care, feel good and the possibility to create your own perfect day. . At Lustfyllt they produce  healthy food from local produce.. Take a seat, relax, let go and dream away. Swedish Fika, healthy lunches and Lake Vättern View.  To find out more, read Jules and Florine story from visiting Lustfyllt:

Lustfyllt was the next stop on our GoNatureTrip

Lustfyllt is a piece of paradise on Earth. From the big windows of the redesigned barn, one can admire the beautiful panorama view on the lake Vättern. The bright and rustic style creates a cosy kind of magic atmosphere.

The crockery is from grandma’s tea parties, it adds to the charm of the place. Sometimes people from the neighbourhood come in for a cup of coffee and bring old crockery they don’t use anymore, instead of throwing it away: a nice example of circular economy!

We enter the main room. A discrete, jazzy saxophone fills up the room, giving a muffled and warm atmosphere to the place. The big windows make the place bright and welcoming. We sit on a table, just in front of the lake to talk to the owner Christiane.

Lustfyllt Sustainable living in South Sweden

Christiane’s work towards sustainability mostly takes place in the plates: “We cook and bake everything by ourselves. Nothing that can be used gets thrown.” They buy local food as much as possible, by working with local farmers for example. Today, almost 80% of the products they use is organic.

Team Lustfyllt looks at how to reduce waste as much as possible. That’s why she is currently setting up a compost system.

Time to taste the Lustfyllt home dishes. We first ate a salad from the self-service buffet. There was a lot of choice: potatoes with a sour-sweet sauce, sweet potatoes and pills, broccoli, cabbages. We wanted to try everything. Even the bread was delicious. One could choose between a smooth wholemeal bread, so good that it tasted almost like gingerbread, and a crispy Knäckebröd. Both of them were homemade, of course!

There are two or three dishes to choose from every lunch day, and one of them is always vegetarian and even vegan often times. Today, the meat was perfectly spiced and tasty. Even the vegan balls were delicious, you could feel that they had marinated in sweet lemon sauce. Mouth-watering.!We almost feel hungry again, just by describing it.

Local life on the shores of the Lake Vättern

Lustfyllt is truly unique: it’s not only a restaurant, where you can eat  lunch or dinner, it’s a living place where good habits and sustainable tricks are taught and discussed through many different activities.

In summer, Saturdays are dedicated to weddings, but weekdays and Sundays are for everybody. We let you imagine how enjoyable it is to sit in front of the lake, while you a delicious dish, enjoy bird songs or listen to music.

We ended the visit with our GoNatureTrip Special offer treat a Fairtrade coffee with a bio soya milk. To accompany that, we had a homemade almond paste and marzipan “lustrulle”.

Christiane’s personality is as beautiful as the landscape in front of the restaurant. We really felt at home and left the place with one wish: come back.