Furudals bruk

Industrial Heritage at Furudals bruk

Industrial Heritage and an 18th century engineer hotspot in Dalarna

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Furudal and Furudal Bruk, Swedish industrial heritage

For 150 years, Furudals Bruk was an international hub which attracted inventors and businessmen eager to develop ideas and learn about manufacturing.

Back in 1709, the mill and ironwork in Furudal, founded by the visionary Swedish inventor Birger Elfving, was granted permission to manufacture iron weaponry and cannons.

Join a guided tour around the mill village and it’s buildings. They are all situated in a stunning of nature, along both sides of the river Ore and in the middle of wilderness.

Much of the 18th century environment is preserved and your guide will give you an insight into the economic development of the Ore region and of Sweden.

You will experience four centuries of Swedish industrial history, in particular, regarding weapons and technical achievements.

Furudal´s bruk today

  • Good grayling and trout fishing (fishing licence required).
  • An 18-hole and a 9-hole wilderness golf course. Take the opportunity to play a round!

A  tour around this amazing Swedish heritage site is a great outdoor and culture experiences.

For more cultural, outdoor & sports and life style experiences in and around Furudal and the Lake Ore contact a local guide, there are several to chose from.