Hiking Southern Sweden Wandern

Hiking Southern Sweden

Hikes along your motor home trip

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Description: Taking long walks, a real Swedish treat

Hiking Southern Sweden: An unforgettable experience

If you ask anybody who have been to Sweden, they will tell you the best way to experience Sweden is hiking. Hiking Southern Sweden is very accessible and not far from towns and cities.

There are many forests, mountains, parks that are perfect for hiking. You can visit and hike in biosphere reserves, or in one of the many nature reserves or just hike around a lake.

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Special hiking trails in Southern Sweden: Tips and places

  • In Mölndal, a municipality just outside Gothenburg, you have several nature reserves with lanes, tracks and ponds.
  • In Jönköping you can hike on John Bauer trail. Start in Huskvarna, find a path going up the hills towards the outdoor and sport center, IKHP, and start walking towards the Biosphere Reserve Östra Vätternbranterna, see below.
  • Sveaskog (the biggest owner of Swedish forest land, have Eco-parks for visitors in many places.
  • A more challenging trail would be the one between the Kingdom of Glass and Ödevata. It is more than 50 km long and will take a whole day for one way.
  • Also in the Kingdom of Glass in the village of Målerås you can hike and learn more about the ice age.
  • Check out Sjuhärda – a perfect place with many different terrain trails! It is a bit far, so we recommend to stop by on your way from the West Coast to the East Coast.
  • There are also worthy places in Västra Götaland,  Halland,  Småland,  SkåneBlekinge, not just for hiking but also for the wonderful sights and destinations.

Finding a hiking trail is not difficult. Check out the website of the municipality your are visiting. Here’s a map National parks over all national parks in Sweden and a detailed plan over Nature reserves in all of Sweden.

In Biosphere Reserves you could visit:

The trails in reserves are normally even levelled with some small incline and declines. Perfect for families and those who are looking for a relaxed walk. As well as the sights along the way is breath taking.

Vättern lake smaland

Hiking safety and precautions

Hiking Southern Sweden is safe and fun. The trails are full of signs, and well developed. However, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever without safety precautions.

  • Respect the nature and the environment. Never litter and do not start open flames or fires in the woodlands, especially in the summer time or any other time when the grounds are dry.
  • You might come across some wildlife, such as Elks, foxes and snakes. Normally, as long as you don’t provoke them, you will be fine.
  • The main precaution you have to take is to check your body for ticks after having walked in grass or woods. Ticks are quite small in the beginning, be concerned of any black dots that hurts when you press on it. You can remove them yourself, but seek immediate medical help if you have any doubts.
  • The Swedish Allemansrätten makes it possible to hike and enjoy the vast forests of Sweden.  However, study the The Right of Public Access act beforehand, it regulates what you can and can’t do in the Swedish nature.

Some stunning farm resorts with overnight Motorhome parking and great hiking are;