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Sightseeing Mölndal and family fun

Spend som days in Mölndal

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, coordinator GoNatureTrip and resident in the Greater Gothenburg region


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Description: I wanted to put together some of my favourite places in Mölndal and Gothenburg. Nature and culture is close by

Do Outdoor in Mölndal, lakes and trekking

Do sightseeing  in Mölndal. The municipality has a lot to offer, a combination of great nature, many sports and recreational areas. The small city centre is full of  shops and cafés.

You are close to the different centres of Gothenburg. A great way to move around in Mölndal and in Gothenburg is to rent a city bike from Styr och Ställ

Nature is close and therefore it is to go swimming in the lakes of Mölndal At the lakes you can take a lovely walk to  the Castle Gunnebo . Enjoy a day at the castles garden and visit the café. There is also a  restaurant/ pizzeria with an outdoor terrace. To get there, just take a local buss to Stensjöns badplatser. For more information on outdoor swimming in the Gothenburg area;  lakes, at the coastline and in the municipality of Gothenburg

Mölndal Family fun

Sports are close by

At Krokslättsvallen you can play football. The soccer pitch is municipal and therefor open to the public.

If you want to play Padel outdoors you can book a court online at Hills Golf & Sports Club

Playing fotboll at Krokslättsvallen

Nature Reserves and protected nature areas  in Mölndal

In the nature reserve Safjälletright by the fotboll pitches you can hike, discover an old agriculture and historical landscape with great hiking. If you want to find out more about the history of the area and other historical hiking landscapes.

  Do outdoor in Mölndal

The municipality of Mölndal has three nature monuments. In the areas of the Gunnebo castle you will find a nature protected oak, in Helenvik, close to the lake Råda ( Rådasjön)  there is a protected copper beech and in Peppared nature reserve you can find a hazel grove which since 1925 has been was  classified as a Nature Monument. It has a  large hazel grove with arborescent hazel trees.

School yards and sport areas open to the public

Many of the school yards have a sport court for outdoor sports. If you bring a ball you can practise a sport or two. At for example Toltorpsskolan there is a playground, basket court and outdoor table tennis

 Playing basketball at the Toltorp school

In Bifrost, right behind the supermarket Hemköp you find a soccer pitch, a playground with nice climbing as well as playgrounds for smaller children.


In the centre of Mölndal you will find shops, a big library and a small recreational park.

Do outdoor in Mölndal, hiking in historical and nature Mölndal


In English the mountain of Änggården.  The history of Änggården  goes back to the 17th century when it was, partly, a so called Kronohemman or a  “crown farm”. Back then many Swedish farms were  controlled by the royalty. The farmer was bestowed and 25 year lease. In 1898, not so long ago, the crown controlled approximately 7 % of the Swedish farms. In the case of Änggården the crown controlled the hunting grounds.

To today it is central oasis with easy access from both Mölndal and Gothenburg. It is easy to follow the signs telling you  how many kilometers you have to the next destination. The paths are well-kept.


South of Mölndal, on the border of the county Halland you find the nature reserve Sandsjöbacka. there are three path that are marked. Stunning view over the lake Sandsjön.

The Bohus Trail Bohusleden – from the lake Tulebosjön to the Castle Gunnebo slott

Nice lakeside hiking with nature, culture and at the Gunnebo castle you can finish the hike with a nice Swedish Fika ( Coffe or tea with a pastry):


A hike around the lake Rådasjön is a 12 kilometer long hike on well-prepared paths and trails

Torrekullaleden- the Torrekulla trail

The Torrekulla trail is connected to the Sandsjöbacka trail. Among other sites you will pass the lake and beach Sisjöns, a popular bathing site for local.

sightseeing Mölndal

Mölndal has a shopping centre with a plentiful of shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

The municipality of Mölndal is also rich in industrial heritage with a nice municipal museum in the old town Kvarnbyn.

Camping and overnight Parking in Mölndal and close by

Åby overnight parking and “Ställplats

Please see a collection of campings and campsites  in Greater Gothenburg region and north/ south of Gothenburg

How to get to Mölndal

If you arrive to Landvetter airport the flight buses will take you to Mölndals Bro ( the very center of Mölndal and by the train station) from the airport.

If you come by train from Copenhagen airport you take the Öresundståget and you will get of at the train station Mölndal.

From the center of Gothenburg you have buses, trams and trains to Mölndal

Hotel in Mölndal

Quality Hotel The Weaver- close to trams that takes you into the city of Gothenburg

Hotel Mölndals Bro – In the centre of Mölndal,  buses, train and trams to the city of Gothenburg

Scandic Hotel in the centre of Mölndal and buses, trains and trams to the center of Gothenburg