Best outdoor places to swim in Gothenburg on your holiday

The greater Gothenburg Region

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, coordinator GoNatureTrip and resident in the Greater Gothenburg region


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Description: Start you Sweden Holiday In the Gothenburg Region

Starting you holiday in Gothenburg? Why not take a swim in the city by the water? 

Why not start your holiday in Gothenburg by taking a dip in the clear clean waters? To live close to clean waters is a special privilege that is becoming increasingly rare in the world. It is also why Gothenburg offers many great spots for outdoor swimming. We will give you tips on the best outdoor places to swim in Gothenburg. 

Gothenburg is a coastal city with close accessibility and contact with the sea, the archipelago, the harbour, the lakes, the river and the canals. It is uniquely positioned along the long coastline and on the basin of Göta Älv (Göta River). the river flowing from the great lake Vänern. It drains its water into Kattegat, the waterway between Gothenburg and Denmark. 

Outdoor swimming areas

  1. A popular feature among the locals are the cold lake baths recreational areas that you can find all over the city. We recommend lake Sisjön, Sandsjön and Rådasjön.
  2. Join the locals all year around and take a dip in the salt waters in the Kattegat strait.
  3. Visit Saltholmen and Långedrag, a popular place to swim in Gotehnburg and you can enjoy other waterfront outdoor activities. It has been a water destination since the beginning of the 20th century. If you are adventurous, then try out this popular outdoor open-air bath house.
  4. Since the summer of 2015, the people of Gothenburg can swim in a pool located in the Jubileum park. You can find the park just across the river from the city center at the former old ship building industry area called “Frihamnen”.

    The water is cleaned entirely without chlorine and the pool is developed to be socially and ecologically sustainable. Here you can try a Swedish Sauna, right in the city center, as well as a café, picnic areas and barbecue sites, overall a great place to spend the whole day.

  5. There are several swimming jetties/pools along the river and even in a newly cleaned canal. At Skeppsbron bridge you will find a swimming jetty in the middle of the city.
  6. Göta River is the result of the end of the last glaciation and is an outflow channel from the Baltic Ice lake. This means that there are several lakes you can swim in, very close to the city of Gothenburg, such as in the nature reserve Delsjön.

Best outdoor places to swim in Gothenburg

Closeness to the water

This longstanding and historic closeness to water history of water formed the Greater Gothenburg region. A region with a long history of maritime commerce, fishing communities and waterfront lifestyles.

The people of Gothenburg have not only based its economy on its unique position by the water, but have also built up great ways to enjoy their leisure-time by the Gothenburg waterfront.

The vision of the city hall today is working to become a sustainable water city where people, business and commerce live side by side with nature. 

When you have a connection to nature you are more looking to preserve it. The people of Gothenburg have over the centuries made a living of this as well as enjoying leisure-time by the waterfront. Something we as residents cherish and do not want to lose.

Rent a motorhome and enjoy campsites with waterfront view 

It is a fantastic feeling to wake up in a fresh coastal micro climate and fresh air. Start the morning  with a brisk walk to the closest beach or open-air bath. Start your Swedish motorhome holiday and stay at some of the campsites in the Gothenburg region

Gothenburg is a great city to walk, bicycle or take a tram and you are never far away from a lake, open-air bath or the coastline. You have accessible public transportation by local train, buses and ferries taking you to neighboring municipalities, villages and islands.