Swim in a Swedish lake

Swim in a Swedish lake

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Swimming in Swedish lakes

Looking for a great way to cool off this summer? Why not try take a nice swim in a lake? Swimming in a Swedish lake is fun, relaxing and a wonderful way to experience the Swedish nature. Lakeside is also the perfect place to have a picnic or “fika”.

In Sweden there are over 100 000 lakes and woodland lakes that you can jump in and swim. So you don’t have to go far to find water. The lakes can vary in size dramatically – some are small forest ponds and there are large lakes, for example Vänern, which Sweden’s largest lake and the third largest in Europe covering an area of around 5600 square kilometers.

The smaller lakes often have more visitors and water sports and activities going on than the bigger lakes, as the water temperatures are slightly higher.

Swim in a Swedish lake during your roundtrip in Sweden. A true nature and outdoor experience. Great for relaxing in nature or if you are in to fitness and sport.

Most of the lakes are clean and safe to bathe in. For more information on lakes and water quality check the website of the Swedish Water and Ocean board

Swim Swedish lakes


  • The lakes are often cool in the beginning of the season, June, and are slowly heating up towards August.
  • With a warm spell of at least 13-16 degree Celsius in the night, and 22-25 during the day the temperatures in the lakes might reach 20 degree Celsius and over. The temperatures in the bigger lakes seldom reaches 20 degrees. Therefore, it is suggested to swim in smaller warmer lakes.
  • If the wind conditions are right and the surface water is blown towards the shore then it will be warmer in the waters.


  • The Swedish lakes are often murky, the sunlight does not reach the bottom. The ground is mushy and along the shores you will find different vegetation.
  • To go from a predictable swimming pool to a Swedish lake can be a bit strange and scary at first. It is also very different than swimming in the ocean. If you are not an experienced outdoor swimmer you should take this into consideration.
  • In some lakes you have boats, water scooters, canoes etc, so if you are planning to swim far out it is recommended to wear a colorful cap, making sure others can see you. You may see the boaters but that does not mean they can see you!
  • It is also recommended to not swim alone, in case of emergencies, especially if you are not an experienced swimmer.
  • Keep an eye on your children. Make sure that your family and friends know how to swim and basic rescue techniques.

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Wildlife, environment and crayfish

The lakes are full of wildlife. The lakes host different species of fish, amphipods and bird life.

The Swedish crayfish is also a delicacy. The fishing of Crayfish starts in August. It is regulated and it is important to know the fishing rules and restrictions.  You have to be a licensed fisherman/person.

Nevertheless, if you are a landowner with fishing waters, you can also fish crayfish on your land. The one exception to the rule is in fishing on lake Vättern. Here, the general public can fish crayfish without special permission from the second Friday in August to the second Sunday in September.

Allemansrätten is a unique Swedish institutions allowing you to enjoy the nature. It is important to read and follow the rules and regulations  set to respect nature and wildlife

Swim training and workout in a Swedish lake

If you are an experienced swimmer and want to do some training, then we recommend you to follow a water guide/trainer, such as Jeanette from TriHealth Fitness.

Be sure to bring swimsuits, check out the access to the water first and start swimming in the often dark but clean water.

Jeanette and Ann are keen outdoor swimmers, fitness instructors and Iron Man participants. They will guide you to find the perfect place.

Find your lake with the help of a guide and swim coaches near Stockholm. Jeanette Stenquist or Ann Salmin will take you out swimming in the best lakes around Roslagen, north of Stockholm.

Stay overnight lakeside and enjoy outdoors

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