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Go Where the Fish Bite

Go where the Fish Bite! Daylight Motorhomes works with fishing resorts and farms.

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Go where the Fish Bite!

With a motorhome you can easily reach the lakes where the fish bite. Our partners offer parking with a lakeside view. At Stora Nätaren, Ylen and Aneby sjön you can go fishing pike, zander, and perch.

For more information visit Målsånna Turism or Brovillan B&B.  At the resort Ödevata Fiskecamp you will reach the lakes Ödevaten, Törn, Hultabräan, Mosjön and Skärsjöns ,where you can fish for zander, perch, pike and also tench. In Svartö you will also find rainbow trout.

With a fishing guide you will find the best lakes for finding perch, pike but also other fishes.