Parking motor home overnight

Parking for motorhome overnight

Parking for motor homes

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Park your motorhomes overnight

Sweden is a country with a lot of nature and space to park your motorhome. There are, however, some aspects to take into consideration when parking.

“Allemansrätten”- The right to public access

To learn more about how you can legally park in nature, please read information on the “Right to public access regulation“.

Parking motor home overnight

In towns and cities

Most towns and cities are quite strict about where to park in general and especially on motorhomes and other vehicles that are larger. The best is to follow the rules of each parking space.

Ställplatser – overnight parking

You can find many so called ställplatser. Local motorhome owners and visitors to Sweden are often posting recommendations in different forums. There are also some sites trying to collect tips and

There are several Apps for “ställplats” ( overnight motorhome parking ) for Europe and for Sweden that you can download

Map of “parking spaces” for 24 hours (not all of them), run by the Swedish Board of Traffic.

Check out golf clubs, harbors and farms for scenic parking.

For a Map over ställplatser / Stellplatz in Sweden click here

For a Map over places where you can empty your latrin and grey water click here 

Local delicacies specialties Lake Vättern

Camping close to Stockholm and Gothenburg

there are several city close campings to choose from often close to water or the coast. Gothenburg is a city with several neighbourhoods, some of them with local campsites, spread along the Göta River and the Coast.  The campings in the Stockholm Metropolitan area are usually on the outskirts of the city with great public transport into the city. From Vaxholm you can take a local ferry, through the beautiful Stockholm archipleago into the city.

Camping on the Swedish west coast, the region of Halland and the region of Bohuslän

Many motorhome travellers  would start their holiday in Gothenburg as they want to go south to Halland and Skåne ( two iconic Swedish regions) or north,  towards Norway or Vänern. There are several cosy campsites on the Swedish West Coast.