Parking motor home overnight

Parking for motorhome overnight

Parking for motor homes

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Park your motorhomes overnight

Sweden is a country with a lot of nature and space to park your motorhome. There are, however, some aspects to take into consideration when parking.

There are many rules and regulations and many municipalities are free to decide where to charge for parking ( if the land is owned by the municipality).

If you decide to go to a popular campsite , camper site,  camping or campground in a popular tourist destination in high season it might be wise to pre-book the camping. Nevertheless some camper site do not accept pre-booking. For example at golf clubs, castles or harbours. Se below some examples.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the parking rules.

The Traffic Ordinance

The Traffic Ordinance regulates all traffic on open roads in Sweden, including where motorhomes are allowed to park. You may park your motorhome anywhere a car is allowed to park as long as it fits within the designated parking space.

Where parking is permitted for 24 hours, you can also stay overnight in your motorhome . However, this only applies to one night as longer time counts as camping, which is not permitted on public land.

Also remember to study the parking lot signs carefully, as some parking spaces , especially in popular tourist destinations or in the cities and towns are reserved for regular passenger cars and prohibit the parking of motorhomes 

Paying for your parking

This is not an easy feat to understand. A study from 2019 showed that there were at least 17 different app throughout Sweden´s municipalities and counties.

At the commercial centers they often use the parking disc i.e the system of allowing time-restricted free parking through display of a parking-disk showing the time at which the vehicle was parked.  This system is common in Europe.

“Allemansrätten”- The right to public access

To learn more about how you can legally and responsibly park in nature, please read information on the “Right to public access regulation“.

The land owners can be quite sensitive and usually would try to hinder motorhomes to park on their land. Others have seen the opportunity to organise camper sites and motorhome pitches on their land.

Parking motor home overnight

In towns, cities and popular destinations

Most towns,  cities and popular destinations are quite strict about where to park in general and especially on motorhomes and other vehicles that are larger. The vehicle should fit into the parking space assigned to each vehicle – both tyres should be inside the lines.

Also the local people living in the popular destination are keen to see motorhomes go to designated areas.  This is why, more and more municipalities have set up camper sites for motorhomes.

In some parking spaces it says that you cannot stay overnight as they want to avoid campers. The best is to follow the rules of each parking space or each location.

During the last years the motorhome visitors have grown considerable and the locals and the authorities are trying to find solutions to cater for the growing number of motorhome visitors.

Ställplatser – overnight parking

You can find many so called ställplatser or motorhome pitches. Local motorhome owners and visitors to Sweden are often posting recommendations in different forums.

There are also some sites that collect tips from all over Sweden and

There are several Apps for “ställplats” ( overnight motorhome parking ) for Europe and for Sweden that you can download

Map of “parking spaces” for 24 hours (not all of them), run by the Swedish Board of Traffic.

Check out golf clubs, harbors,  farms and countryside resorts for scenic parking. Below you will find some examples

For a Map over ställplatser / Stellplatz in Sweden click here

For a Map over places where you can empty your latrin and grey water click here 

Local delicacies specialties Lake Vättern

Camping close to Stockholm and Gothenburg

there are several city close campings to choose from often close to water or the coast. Gothenburg is a city with several neighbourhoods, some of them with local campsites, spread along the Göta River and the Coast.

The campings in the Stockholm Metropolitan area are usually on the outskirts of the city with great public transport into the city. Please see map 


Camping on the Swedish west coast, the region of Halland and the region of Bohuslän

Many motorhome travellers  would start their holiday in Gothenburg as they want to go south to Halland and Skåne ( two iconic Swedish regions) or north,  towards Norway or Vänern. There are several cosy campsites on the Swedish West Coast.

Motorhome pitches at non camping sites

More and more harbours, heritage sites as well as golf courses provide motorhome pitches. In some cases you can book on-line in others you have to show up and hope for a space.

Motorhomes pitches at marinas and guest ports along the Swedish coastline.

Sweden is a country with a very long coastline and traditionally Swedes have loved the boat life. There is a vast network of guest harbours, ports and marinas in Sweden. both along the coastline , on the islands and in the bigger lakes. Many towns and cities host marinas. Motorhome vacaciones and travelling in Sweden, both of Swedes and visitors from abroad, is popular and Swedish marinas offer today motorhome pitches.

Camper sites or motorhome pitches at Golf courses

Tjörns Golf Club motorhome pitches , island of Tjörn

This is a wellknown golf club in Bohuslän, close to Gothenburg. It has a restaurant with high quality meals .The restaurant is open every day until 5pm with a  ‘lunch of the day’ options each day.  Motorhome pitches with electricity are available. In the club house you can find toilets and showers. Enquiries can be made to the Golf Club reception.

Alingsås golf club motorhome pitches, Alingsås

A Golf club in Alingsås, commuter distance to Gothenburg . At the golf course there is a restaurant. There are 4 motorhome pitches of which  2 motorhome pitches are close to the club house. You can book online when you book your golf round. There are changing rooms with WC and showers in the club house. If you do not intend to play golf let them know when you book. 

 Heritage sites and castles , motorhome pitches 

Tjolöholm Castle Camper sites , Fjärås

You find Tjolöholm castle  40 km South of Gothenburg. The castle  host beautiful gardens, a church and a small village. The resort was terminated in 1904. However the estate dates back to the 13th century.  Great hiking on the protected nature site Tjolöholm peninsula. You can find the area for the camper site pitches as you arrive . You can stay a maximum of 48 hours . In total there are 6 pitches with electricity. In total there are 20 pitches ( some of them in the parking). There are WC and showers in a nearby house. Camping is not allowed on the Tjolöholm peninsula. You cannot pre-book

Näss Castle Camper sites , Floda

In Floda , 30 km east of Gothenburg, you can find Sweden’s best preserved late 19th century estate. On the estate you can find art galleries, exhibitions, cafe and restaurant. This is a nature and culture experience. Nääs has a long history. The current estate dates back to the late 19th century. A great visit if you want to learn more about Sweden´s industrial and farming estate history

Plenty of commuter trains and buses to Gothenburg city. Today the estate is an active farming and forestry unit. There are several camper site pitches on the so-called handicraft seminar area. It is not possible to pre-book a pitch. Maximum stay 24 hours. You can pay with the parking app or in the parking machine. Access to WC and water. Nice hiking in the surrounding, castle gardens, forest or nature reserve as well as along the lake. If you are interested in culture there are galleries and exhibitions as well as handicraft courses. On the estate you will also find a restaurant and a cafe.