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Coastal destinations Gothenburg

Places to go and things to go close to Gothenburg-costal destinations. Enjoy the coast close to Gothenburg

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Want to go on a holiday with full of surprises and originality? To go where no one else have gone before? Here are some under appreciated coastal destinations in Sweden which have plenty of local character and culture to offer.

If you like swimming, chilling by the water or the water view, then you wouldn’t be disappointed. These places are slowly gaining popularity amongst travel enthusiasts, so be sure to try out some experiences/activities close to the water before everybody else!

Coastal destinations is close by especially if you start your holiday in Gothenburg.

Outdoor bathhouses with sauna and opportunity to dip in the cold sea

Take a dip in the cold Swedish sea water to relive stress and feel your body suddenly become awake! Then head to the sauna and enjoy as the relaxing warmth fills your body.

Open-air bath houses, saunas and pools

  • Since the summer of 2015, the people of Gothenburg can swim in a pool located just across the river from the city centre at the former old ship building industry area “Frihamnen”. The water is cleaned entirely without chlorine and the pool is developed to be socially and ecologically sustainable. Here you can try a Swedish Sauna, right in the city centre.
  • In Saltholmen, only 30 minutes by tram from the Gothenburg city center, there is a popular outdoor open-air bath house. From Saltholmen you can also take ferries to the Gothenburg archipelago.
  • In Varberg, 1 hour south of Gotenburg,  there is a traditional outdoor bathhouse (Info in Swedish). The bathhouse is massive and a bit off shore, so you need to cross a long bridge.  It offers the opportunity for “fika” (Snack break).

Coastal destinations: Towns and villages

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Coastal towns have something for everyone. Anything from swimming, kayaking and sunbathing to shopping, delicious food, and local arts. If you’re looking for places to travel to on your next holiday, you should definitely consider these charming coastal towns and villages.

These coastal towns and villages are charming, full of history, beautiful shores, and there are many things to do.  

Set your GPS on the island of Hälsö, The island of Rörö, the coastal village of Bohus- Malmön and the Marina in the village of Väjern.  All places with cosy guest harbours hosting  boule courts, restaurants and cafés.  

Hälsa and Rörö

Hälsö is an island with lovely nature and walks. This beautiful nature site is situated in the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. Apart from boule you can also enjoy good food or a  coffee break in the harbour. On the northern part of the island, Stuvö, there is a mountain with an exceptional nature view over the northern islands in the Gothenburg archipelago. You can see as far as the Marstrand’s fortress. If you enjoy paddling you have great paddling waters on the western side of  Hälsö. 

Rörö is the northernmost island of  the Gothenburg archipelago. The island hosts a beautiful nature reserve, sandy beaches and an excellent harbour with a great marina, tennis courts and  boule pitches. There are cafés and restaurants. The stunning nature park is great for walking over heathlands, cobblestone fields and has a rich flora. It is an island with open fields, cliffs , barbecue areas and alkaline rocks.

 Bohus-Malmön and Värjen

On the beautiful rocky island of Bohus-Malmön you have  fantastic swimming with secluded little bays , sandy lagoons and crystal-clear turquoise water. The island has a history of stone cutting, the pink Bohus granite, going back to the end of the 1800s the first cobblestone was cut. The quarry and many stone objects remain. 

 In Väjern a small fishing community just north of Kungshamn in Bohuslän you can find a small marina where the locals meetup, in the summer months, to enjoy a flea market or to play boule on one of the three pitches available.

Marstrand and Hamburgesund

A 50 minutes car drive to the north of Gothenburg and you will reach Marstrand, a beautiful coastal town. If you go along the coast line towards Strömstad, you will find several small and quaint villages such as Hamburgsund (Info in Swedish), Grebbestad and Orust. See map

Nature reserves and trekking

coastal destinations sweden gothenburg sea-side view

There are many nature reserves nearby for you to hike in. The terrains are easy going and you can choose different trail length according to your liking.

Nature reserves are protected by the government and other agencies, so the landscape is untouched making it the most natural place in the world.

  • 30 minutes by car towards south of Gothenburg, you will find the municipality of Kungsbacka with many nature reserves, including a marine nature reserve.
  • In Bohuslän, by the town Strömstad, you will find Kosterhavet National Park. It is Sweden´s only marine national park.
  • Bohuslän offers several good trekking opportunities close to the coast line.
  • In the south of Bohuslän, not far away from Gothenburg, you can most likely find your favorite coastal destinations and things to do. It is a large region with many opportunities.
  • If you are looking for nice beaches and ocean resorts, you will find them on the coast of Halland in south Sweden. 
  • There are also sandy beaches and nice swimming spots in Kattegatt. Only 1 hour south of Gothenburg by car.
  • From Falkenberg you will find a scenic route towards Halmstad.

Check out the map for great outdoor sites in the county of Västra Götaland and Halland

Unique coastal experience: Beer tasting

beer tasting sweden farm coastal place

If you are looking for a more structured unique experience, then check out farms with a beer brewery offering beer tasting.  For their beer tasting visitors, they can also offer overnight parking (Usually one motorhome at a time). It is a very romantic activity that couples can enjoy!

If you want to join a beer brewery event and is looking for places to park your motorhome, then head to Falkenberg close by the harbour that receives motorhomes for overnight parking.

For more information and pictures visit their website (Info in Swedish) or their Facebook page, Agerör Henriksgård.