Family trip south Sweden

Family trip south Sweden

Recommendations on your trip South of Sweden

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Family trip south Sweden

For your Family trip South Sweden find tips below and discover coastline, beaches, forest and lakes.


If you are heading to the beaches of Halland (south of Gothenburg, close to the town of Kungsbacka), a great camping for the first night is in the town of Åsa, at Åsa Camping.

If you like cycling, MTB you can do parts of the trail Kattegattleden and spend a bike adventure day at Hallandsåsen ( The Halland Ridge).

Close to Halmstad you find the wilderness paradise Simlångsdalen ( Simlång Valley). There are  a variety of nature reserves for great outdoors. A selection of nature reserves are “Alenäs”,  “Bröda”, “Danish Falls”, “Gårdshult”, “Hyle” and “Hyttan”. 

Lake district Bolmen  

You have explored the beaches and are now heading to the Lake district Bolmen.

Your destination is the island Bolmsö, situated in the lake Bolmen. It is the largest island in Småland. You can cross over the bridge or take a small ferry.

On your way there you could make one more stop at the national park Store Mosse.

A great outdoor experience for the whole family is the horse farm Stall Sonakull. Ulrika, who is the owner of the horse farm, is also the owner of a nature-close camping by her farm.

Another farm stayopportunity in the Lake Bolmen area is at Pelles i Sunnaryd. Great farm and nature fun for the whole family.

Skåne and Österlen

You continue south heading into Skåne and the southern tip of Sweden – to spend some days in  Österlen.

Southern Småland

In Southern Småland you will find the Lake Åsnen with its unique archipelago. This stunning lake district is Sweden´s newest national park. It became a national park in 2018 and 70% of the territory is water.

Kalmar and the East Coast

You are now on the East Coast and make a trip to the fishing and Eco farm Ödevata fiskecamp. Malin will show you a great spot to park. Find your favourite outdoor activity. Pick mushrooms ( depending on the season), swim, fish, participate in kayak adventures, outdoor cooking and have a sauna on the lake. Learn more about their eco projects and book a place for your motorhome on their farm.

The Kingdom of Crystal

In the depth of the forest of Småland discover the Kingdom om Crystal, home of Swedish glassworks, as well as great hiking and bike trails.

Family activity and the world of Astrid Lindgren

Many families want to visit the area in which the tales and stories of Astrid Lindgren take place. One way is to cycle in the iconic movie landscape where the films of Pipi and Emil were made.

The Lake Vättern

If you are at the Lake Vättern you can stay at the Camping at Lake Vättern Habo Camping

On your way to or around Vättern visit the national park Norra Kvill.  

A nice stop for a night or two if you are close to Jönköping is the farm Målsånna, a farm campsite by the Aneby lake.

Spend a day by and on the lakes in the Lake district Bunn and a Biosphere reserve (close to Jönköping).