Summer grazing farm Dalarna

Summer grazing farm Dalarna

Swedish farming heritage

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Ärteråsen- Summer grazing farm Dalarna

Summer Grazing farm Dalarna – Ärteråsen, is a piece of Swedish farm history. The farmers, accompanied by farm maids, are sending their cattle to graze on the lush slopes of the mountains’ pastures. From June until the end of August or mid September, they stay on the summer farm to take care of it and milk the cows, as well as carry out small-scale production of cheese and butter.

Documents show that Ärteråsen existed as far back as 1662, but there is also proof of activity as far back as the 15th century.

It is a beautiful and remote mountain in the midst of the forest. Park your motor home and walk up to the farm, approximately 500 metres.

The summer grazing farm consist of around 30 old wooden houses.  The most log buildings are the 12 (fire houses) which constitute the world´s largest collection of Viking style timber log houses.

Hike to the top of the Ärterås Mountain (around 1 km) and climb up the tower. It is worthwhile the effort – you will get a spectacular view of the Dalarna: the forest and the lakes.

You will find Ärteråsen 11 km north of Furudal towards Näset. At Näset you will find road signs directing to Ärteråsen.

For guided tours contact Guidekullor, they guide in Swedish, English and Spanish