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Culture in Dalarna

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Culture in Dalarna – travel to Dalarna and tag culture experiences.

The people of Dalarna are proud of their culture. Traditions, festivities such as midsummer, their “folkdräkter” (traditional clothes which are typical to a village or a region) and outdoor music festivals are what makes Dalarna unique. In the summer you can also participate in outdoor church services. If you love classic cars check out Rättvik Classic Car Week.

Discover the everyday culture and the people that are keeping traditions alive. Tag culture experiences and its people.

The forest

In Dalarna you are never far away from the forest. Get to know a local and they can take you out on mushroom or berry picking (they know where to find the goodies) or even others who know hunting.

The people of Dalarna have worked in the forest for centuries and you can learn more about how the forest has been an important source of income during the centuries. Click the link to learn more about Swedish forest history in Dalarna.

The lakes

Perhaps you are interested in fishing or just want to rent a boat and discover the deep lakes of Dalarna. A fantastic experience is to go along on a “church boat” on Sundays. There are also  traditional church boat races.


Ice hockey is more than a sport in this part of Sweden. It is a life style. Get to know some of the clubs, as many of them offer summer schools for active players.

Another tradition is Vasaloppet, an annual cross-country skiing race of 90 km. It commemorates the escape, on skis, of Gustav Ericson (who became King Gustav Vasa) from Danish troops in 1520.

The farms

Agriculture is not easy in this part of the world. Despite harsh conditions, it is always possible to find foods produced by local farmers in supermarkets, restaurants and farmers´markets. Click the link for information on locally produced foods Also check out  the summer grazing farms, situated in stunning nature.