7 days in Sweden itinerary with unique cultural landscapes

7 days in Sweden itinerary with unique cultural landscapes

Slow travel to stunning cultural landscape

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Description: Trip to cultural landscapes and stunning nature Hälsingland and Dalarna

Swedish cultural landscapes – Slow travelling

The best way to explore and know Sweden is by slow travelling and taking it easy. For your 7 days in Sweden itinerary, I will guide you through some of the most beautiful cultural sceneries the country has to offer. Start your trip in Stockholm, then make a 4-5-days journey to wonderful Hälsingland and then continue to Dalarna. In total, a 7 day trips is a perfect way to discover nature and understand Sweden.

The trick is to find regions in which you can have a full experience by spending the right amount of time there so you don’t miss anything or get sick of it. In the two regions below, you can experience similar features and phenomenon. Similar, but at the same time different. An easy way to reach the cultural and natural gems is to rent a motorhome.

motorhome lake swedish lake summer sun

Hälsingland, a landscape full of folk tales, stories, and rich cultural and natural heritage 

Take a break from modern travelling and everyday life to discover a part of Sweden with rich traditions, local culture, and of course stunning nature. Here you can spend 7 days easily.

Many visitors to Sweden take their motorhome and start their holiday in our beautiful capital Stockholm. Nevertheless, after a few days they look to go outside Stockholm city. They are searching for untouched nature.

There are many nature site dense regions around the capital such as Roslagen. However, going further north is often on many people’s wish list when in Sweden. This is why Hälsingland, only a few hours north of Stockholm, is the place to go to. Here you can find beautiful secluded lakes, stunning archipelago, and local festivities.

Hälsingland farmhouses design holiday travel visit

In this part of Sweden, the locals are a people proud of their traditions, the quality of the local food is high and they love music! You can find local musicians performing in small venues. Keep your eyes open for hambo dancing venues, as well as folk music festivals in the area.

In the old homes of the farmers in Hälsingland, you can see the start of what is today “Swedish design”. In Hälsingland many of the old farmsteads are protected UNESCO world heritage sites.

Söderhamn – Archipelago

Close to Södernham in Söderdala, you can visit Erik-Anders gården, one of the decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland. The farmhouses represent prosperity.

Sweden is indeed a country with many archipelagos. The one in Hälsingland is less known by the larger Swedish public. This is why another great option on your Hälsingland trip is to visit one of the many islands in the Söderhamn archipelago called Jungfrukusten (the Virgin Coast). Here are suggestions for a one-day hike.

Get to know one of the mainly island outside Söderhamn; Enskär, Klacksörarna and Storjungfrun. The latter, is a nature reserve called Storjungfrun reserve and it is the largest island in the Söderhamn archipelago.

Söderhamn Archipelago sunset swim dock house

Hudiksvall and surroundings

There are also some geo sites that you should not miss, such as Avholmsberget – a small mountain ridge outside Hudiksvall. It is a place where you can truly enjoy the beauty of the forests and go on a short hike which will give you new perspectives on life as you climb up the hill. The beautiful view at the cliff is mind-blowing.

If you arrive in a motorhome, you can stay overnight at a campsite in “the Dellen water system” at Delsbo. If you are into geological features and stories, “The Dellen lake system” was created by flooded meteorite impact craters.

Hälsingland inland

If you are a keen on trekking, you can try out one of the many old pilgrim tracks. These trails are full of interesting destinations and stories. This is why that during the walk, you will connect yourself to the Swedish and European history.  In addition, you will also have time to explore nature, and if you lucky you might come a across one of the few “old-growth” forests left in Sweden (Ensjölokarnas nature reserve).

Another nice place is the mountain “Blacksåberget”. It is a mountain with a dramatic steep and offer a scenic viewpoint. In addition, Blacksåsberget is situated nearby the lake “Harsatjärnen” and the nature reserve Finnbrännans. From the new wind shelter at the top of the mountain, you have a fantastic view of the landscape all the way to the Bothnian Sea.

Cultural hike to a summer grazing farm

“Fäbodvall” is a summer grazing farm. In the summer time, the cattle keepers, often farm maids, retreats to the summer site with the cattle. In addition, these farms carried out small-scale production of cheese and butter, which you can have a taste of as you hike around.

Biosphere reserve Voxnadalen in Hälsingland

If you are interested in truly unique landscapes, you need to go on the Sweden biosphere reserve trip. There are several biosphere areas, from the very south to the very north of Sweden.

Days over – Travel to the lush landscapes of Dalarna

Cross over from Hälsingland into Dalarna if you want to spend more time in Sweden. You will find several similarities to Hälsingland in terms of nature, geology, and cultural features. Both regions are unique, but it is easy to understand that there has been a cultural and inter-human communication and exchange over the centuries between the areas.

Here are some of the recommended places for you to visit: