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Rent a sauna boat in Stockholm and heat up with style

Rent a sauna boat in Stockholm for family and friends

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Author: Torbjörn Wallin


Phone: +46707710412

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Description: Take a tour on a sauna raft in Stockholm with family or friends

Experience the floating sauna

Take your family or a group of friends and rent a sauna boat in Stockholm for a truly unique experience. Imagine a nice morning sauna then a healthy swim and finishing with a barbecue or maybe a brunch on board. You will create memories for life!

Spend half or a full day aboard the genuine sauna boat “Johans bastuflotte”, where we slowly glide around on the lake Garnsviken. The lake is part of an ancient sea route of the Vikings called “Långhundraleden” (the Long Hundred Trail). This was the water route from the Baltic Sea through Roslagen to old Uppsala, and the spiritual center of the Vikings, as well as the seat of the old Svea kings.

Rent a sauna boat in Stockholm and heat up with style

Enjoy the nature and sauna with family and friends

Aboard on Johans Bastuflotte, you will have fun with friends, experience nature, relax in the sauna, cool down in the cool lake, and reflect on the important things in life. Johan, the captain, will take you on a pleasant tour while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

This is a great way to gather with your family members and/or friends. You will for sure enjoy a day that you will remember for your whole life. 

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Eat and drink onboard and out at the lake

The sauna boat becomes your base where you can bask, swim, sun bathe against the warm deck and then step back into the sauna for another round. Perhaps you have brought breakfast, lunch or dinner that you eat on board. It is easy to get to Johans Bastuflotte and there is parking spaces for cars and motorhomes.

Johans Bastuflotte sauna raft and its crew follow the current rules set by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Contact them today! +46 70 771 0412

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Facts and booking info

Number: Max 12 people
Season: May-Oct
Speed: 5 knots
Food/Drink: They provide snacks, gas grill, iced drinks,and towels on request.
On board: The sauna raft/boat is divided into a sauna room and bridge deck. Cold and hot fresh water, comfortable chairs and benches available.
Price: SEK 4,700 per tour half day (3 hours), and SEK 1,300 per additional hour.
Crew, drinking water, shampoo & soap included.

Contact them today! +46 70 771 0412 to rent a sauna boat in Stockholm!

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