Hiking old-growth forest Dalarna

Hiking in old-growth forest Sweden

Guided hike in Old-growth forest in Dalarna

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Description: Hiking in old-growth forest Dalarna

Hiking in old-growth forest Sweden

Go hiking in old-growth forests Sweden! In a few places you can still find old-growth forest in Sweden. Nevertheless, these are mainly in National and Natural parks and further up north in Lapland.

The old-growth forests, primary forest, virgin forest or primeval forest are forest of great age without significant disturbance from humans, especially interms of modern forestry. Therefore, the forests regain its natural life cycle.

This is why in an old forest there are trees of different kinds and of all ages. There are dead wood, in the form dead tree trunks, that still stand up. The fallen tree trunks slowly decompose on the ground. These forests are important habitat for many of Sweden’s endangered species and it is vital for biodiversity and animal life.

Hiking in old-growth forest Furudal Dalarna

Hiking in old-growth forest Dalarna is an amazing treat for body and mind. Right by the industrial heritage site Furudal Bruk (Ironworks) you walk right into a wonderful world of a unique forest with knowledgeable and friendly guides.

Hiking old-growth forest Dalarna

However, the old-growth forest in Furudal is not yet “officially” protected in spite of its unique cultural and ecological features. The local village group “Ore-gruppen” is working on a project to make this piece of woodlands into a nature reserve.

The forest’s forgotten historical treasures a guided forest tour.

I had the opportunity to meet up with the local guide Gunilla Jacobsson who directed me to Katrine a true connoisseur and forest protection aficionado.  Katrine will show you the forest and it’s natural treasures. In addition, you will learn about and explore the history of  small scalHiking old-growth forest Dalarna e industry  from different eras as far back as the Stone Age.  Get an insight into the hard-working locals surviving in a beautiful but harsh environment. For example, you will see forest based limestone mines, the forest mills where the farmers took their grain , the traces of  “kolmilor”·a charcoal stack; a pile of wood covered with dirt and ignited, for the production of charcoal and the significance of the hunting pit system probably dating back to the Iron Age.

old-growth forest Dalarna

Hiking in old-growth forest Sweden- the South

In the very south of Sweden it is harder to find old-growth or primary forests.  You can however find at least traces of the environments in these unique forest in some National and Natural parks

  •  Åsenen national park has an old valuable forest.
  • Lysinge Urskog, in the county of Östergötland.
  • Saint Anna archipelago on the island of “Norra Finnö”
  • Hovaledens urskog in the county of Jönköping