Swedish midsummer tradition

The art of your Swedish midsummer

Midsummer and traditions in Sweden

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Description: Midsummer celebration in Sweden summer of 2020

Swedish midsummer tradition and art of a celebrating Swedish midsummer is an experience full of symbols. Above all, midsummer eve is  the longest day of the year. The soft Swedish summer night is painstakingly beautiful. Similarly important are the handpicked flowers you choose for your midsummer head wreath and for the Maypole. Furthermore, midsummer is an important  occasion to gather friends and family and eat a traditional smörgåsbord with home-cooked midsummer dishes.

The midsummer hosts

The Swedes celebrate Midsummer in different ways all around Sweden. In some cases municipalities arrange public midsummer celebrations. However, more often an association of neighbours or families get together to celebrate.  Above all, this is the time when Swedes would go to their summer houses and spend the days with family and friends. The traditional role to coordinate and summon the family is often handed over by the grandparents to the young generation.  For each passing of a generation, the festivity changes to adjust to new times.

As a visitor to Sweden it might be hard to find information about the smaller community and local celebrations. We have some unique midsummer tips for 2020.

Midsummer on a farm in Småland

At Hemma på Hult in Adelöv, a charming farm in the biosphere landscape Östra Vätternbranterna you can book an overnight parking on the farm. For midsummer they have a special offer

  • A basket full of midsummer goodies- try ot a Swedish midsummer buffet that you can eat in the open air
  • Decorate your own midsummer mini Maypole. Chatrine and Johan har carpenter and they will give you the wooden structure. Chatrine will give you instruction which flower and herbs to pick.
  • Make your own head wreath

Midsummer on a fishing Camp in Småland

At Ödevata Fiskecamp, an eco resort by the Lake Ödevaten in Småland,  the owners Magnus and Malin usually sneak away to celebrate midsummer with their children and grandchildren. They will however leave you a midsummer kit for you to create your own midsummer celebration. They will prepare a  wooden structure for you to decorate.

In addition, Ödevata has its own small sustainable aquaponic fish farm with Tilapia fish. For your midsummer lunch you can pre-order smoked Tilapia fish.If you want to try to smoke it yourself Malin and Magnus will show you how to do prepare and smoke the fish. They will provide the necessary equipment. A fun activity for the whole family-  smoke your midsummer fish yourself. The price is SEK 350 / kg. One fish weighs about 500 g.

Celebrate midsummer in Dalarna- the epicenter of the Swedish midsummer celebration

In Dalarna midsummer is a once in a lifetime experience. The locals are passionate about their midsummer traditions.

In the small village of Furudal they celebrate midsummer for the whole week. Check out some of the activities and join the local communities in their celebrations.  In some cases they will ask for a small fee but above all they invite you to experience their passion for midsummer and traditional folklore music, to buy some coffee with Swedish pastry or a “varm korv med bröd” ( a sausage in bread).

A midsummer week-end in the villages in and around Furudal in Dalarna

18 June

19.30 Midsummer celebration in the village of Näset. You are inviter to take part of the flower picking and the preparation the Maypole. The festivities take place in the Bystuga. 2.5 km from Furual. The midsummer pole is decorated at 15 hrs.

At  19.30 the village people erect the pole and the festivities start with local musicians playing traditional midsummer music, tombola and some food is served.

Swedish midsummer tradition

19 June, midsummer Eve

At 15.00 Midsummer the village of Dalfors, 17 km north of  Furudal start their celebration. First of all, you can join in when the village people erect the Maypole.  Furthermore, you can listen to local musicians playing traditional songs. Finally you will learn how to dance around the Maypole. Additionally, you can buy food or snacks in the community house of Dalfors

If you want to continue to celebrate go to Furudals Bruk, 3,5 km North of  Furudal.  At 19hr you can join the 100-year tradition and decorate the pole with wreaths made of  crepe paper. Similarly, there are  musicians and you can join in the traditional dances around the Maypole and the midsummer games.

Furudals bruk

20 June – midsummer day

At 10.00 the people of Gammelstan in Norrboda start to make the wreaths and decorate the pole with leaves. The village is just 10 km south Furudal.

At 20.00 you can join the traditional Midsommar celebration in Östanvik. This is a village 6,5 km east of  Furudal.  First of all, the midsummer pole is erected with local musicians playing . You can try out midsummer games and at 21 hrs you can enjoy dancing to the local band Jet Set. You can buy Coffee, tombola and hot dogs.

What is a bystuga ?

bystuga is a community house that is owned by the village people and is used by the community for meetings and festivities. Many of the oldest bystuga you can find in Dalarna.