Green eco resort and village

Ödevata FiskeCamp

Fishing Camp, motor home overnight parking, sauna and outdoors in Småland

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, Director Tourism & Rental at Motor Home rental


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Description: Family Quality Time

Welcome to Ödevata FiskeCamp and countryside hotel

My name is Malin and I run together with my husband Magnus “Ödevata Fiskecampa and Countryside hotel ” in the inland of Småland. Not far from Kalmar and Öland. I appreciate you showing interest in our lakeside eco resort.  We want to give you a break from city life at our farm.

Our dream is to create a Green Eco Resort and Village with great outdoor and countryside living experiences. Give each other something precious – TIME TOGETHER.

Our eco farm resort

Everyday we wake up in midst of nature. Our desire is  to share with our guest our  natural “playground” with the lakes, the sauna ramps, the teepee tent , our fields and hiking trails. At Ödevata we work towards sustainability and keep farm animals,  run several horticulture projects and we are especially proud of our  amazing “Aquaponics” greenhouse. 

We are really, really proud of our greenhouse. More and more people and groups approaching us with questions. For the season 2020 I want to share our love for this amazing house that we have built. The aquaponic dining and fish package on offer in 2020.  Dining in the greenhouse. I will tell you the story behind our beautiful eco farm and serve home cooked dishes with some of the produce from the  aquaponic greenhouse ( vegetables and fish).

Our  “no-waste and sustainability philosophy”  is an integral part of all we do.


Perhaps you have booked an overnight stay at our countryside hotel, rented a cottage by the lake or you are looking for overnight motorhome lakeside parking at our farm campsite. You can also book an apartment  in our green holiday apartment hotel.

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Countryside living, fishing and outdoor cooking

There are no restaurant or supermarket in Ödevata. Shop and restaurant 10 km from Ödevata. Our hotel has self catering kitchen.


If you wish to spend a day fishing you get fishing gear and fishing permit from us.  We have different sized life jackets and will inform you about the equipment, the lake and the electric motor. Magnus will share with your his best fishing tips. Just go about and take a rowing boat with electric motor and start to fish.

Fishing package 

Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking is fun. I love to observe when outdoor cooking beginners start the fire and get going. With some help from us you can easily make a three-course meal over an open fire. I will help you to plan and I will make sure you have all the ingredients.

We make everything vegan if you want. It includes non-alcoholic beverages.

Outdoor cooking do-it your self package 

Family quality time

Spend time together. Enjoy the stillness and the nature. Relax in the greenhouse, sit on a jetty and talk or cook your own dinner outdoors. Swim in the lake and try a real wood-burned sauna floating in the lake.

 What to do at Ödevata

You can come to Ödevata to do nothing. Just Relax, hike in the woods swim in the lakes. Read a good book while sitting on a jetty or just sit and enjoy the Swedish nature. Most of our guests do.

If you are looking for an active holiday Ödevata Fiskecamp works with other to create a special and unique experience.  Click on the picture or to enjoy a special treat.  

Perhaps you enjoy cycling and culture. Check out the bike trails and heritage sites not far from Ödevata.

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