Vättern Steilufer

Östra Vätternbranterna, biosphere reserve

Unique landscapes close to Jönköping

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Description: Travel from lake to lake. Amazing landscapes and nature.

The largest Lake Vättern’s biosphere Landscape,

Just minutes from Jönköping, you will be entering the UNESCO declared lake Vättern Biosphere Reserve area,  ”East Vättern Scarp Landscape” (Östra Vätterbranterna). Explore the southern tip of the Lake Vättern, through the stunning lake district around the lakes of Bunn and Ören. As well as, explore the area around the town of Gränna and take the ferry to the island, Visingsö.

Travel around and visit old historic farms steads, orchards, churches, great views of the lake Vättern and several nature reserves.

The Vista Kulle hill offers a fantastic view and is situated 152 meter above the great Lake Vättern. Climb up the 144 steps in the Tegner Tower, an outstanding view and good excersise.

On the fertile lands around the lake Vättern you can find fruit and berry orchard. You can pick and buy apples and blackcurrants. Make a visit to the shops at the Orchards and buy locally made ciders.

The Lake Vättern is famous for Crayfish. Nevertheless, most of the crayfish fishing takes place in the small lakes in the area.


 Nature reserves within the Biosphere

Slottssbergets nature reserve offers a fantastic view of the lake Landsjön ( link to a site in Swedish).

As you hike through Västanå nature reserve you will see pine forest on the mountain edge while the lower part is covered by lush leaf forest. In the northern part of the reserve, the river Röttleån flows through a deep ravine.  (The link goes to a site in Swedish)

Målabråtens nature reserve is popular with the locals. You can find several hiking trails among others the Franciskus pilgrim trail . You can also find trails for running and the area is apt for orientation.

Things to do in the Biosphere reserve

There are also great biking and hiking trails. Trekk along the lake Noen and make a stop at the castle ruin Brahälla. For adventures on the lake Bunn and Ören you can rent canoes, kajaks or boats at Bauergården ( they have overnight parking for motorhomes) and Örserum Brunn.

In Örserum by the lake Ören you find Smålandsgården. Here you can enjoy baking sourdough bread, paddle kajak , do stand-up paddle and outdoor cooking by the lake Explore Swedish heritage and local history.

Not far away by the Lake Aneby you will find the farm campsite Målsånna gård

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Maps and tourist information

For more information (in Swedish) check out the maps Southern East Vättern Scarp Landscape and Northen East Vättern Scarp Landscape, or contact the Tourist board of Jönköping at info@destinationjonkoping.se or +46 771- 211 300.


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